who had the HPFP replaced?

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Guys... can R56S owners that had the HPFP replaced, tell me what problems did they notice on their mini and had to check go for replacing it?
Did anyone have a CEL and the P2187 error?
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I didn't have any lights or codes on mine but I've had HPFP replacement on both my R56 MCSs.
The first one started to smell of petrol inside the cabin, the second was spitting and farting under acceleration.
Cold start problems where the engine would fire up but soon after stall. Once engine warmed up problem would disappear. Also on full throttle the car would often jerk, and through the rev range there would be noticeable flat spots.

The main issue is the cold start problems where the car would stall and fart a lot. This I believe is the main tell-tale sign of the HPFP failing.
what do you mean by fart and stall?
The car struggled to start. Few days later, it didn't start..... HPFP dead.
Did your mini (guys that changed the HPFP) come up with the P2187 error? Or any other error that could point to an HPFP error? I keep getting the P2187 error and a few friends tell me that its the HPFP.
When mine went i'd get a lot of spluttering from the engine (misfires) until engine was up to temperature and then ran fine. It got worse and worse over a week to the point it would stall at startup regularly so I changed the part myself and all was cured... the engine light would come on for a code P2880. Think the code you're referring to is more common with a boost leak, though I had it last year with a kinked vacuum hose
Pretty much all the above for me. Stutter under throttle, stink of fuel, misfire and eventually running on 2 cylinders when I tried to go home from work one night.
Pretty much all the above for me. Stutter under throttle, stink of fuel, misfire and eventually running on 2 cylinders when I tried to go home from work one night.
how can you tell that you were running on 2 cylinders?
how can you tell that you were running on 2 cylinders?
Because when your car 'runs' on 2 cylinders you know about it :). Just to confirm it it also threw 2 codes for mis fire.
Because when your car 'runs' on 2 cylinders you know about it :). Just to confirm it it also threw 2 codes for mis fire.
I dont know about mechanical stuff, can you please explain further? How can one know? Or how does the car feel like on 2 cylinders when its driven?
It's undrivable to be honest. Like riding a spacehopper it bounces around that much. You can't drive it and all you can do is get it recovered.

Before that you will get the misfire/stutter as a warning.

What stage is yours up to?
What do you mean "what stage"? :blushing:
So I assume you suspect or know there is a problem with your hpfp? What are your current symptoms? How is the car behaving from normal?
Well... to be frank none of the symptoms described here, so far, match the ones my car has. Only thing thats appearing is the P2187 code and sometimes there is a boost issue over 4000rpm, but that issue comes and goes without any codes thrown for it! Friends were certain that the 2187 code is because of the HPFP going bad, so i thought of asking for "HPFP going bad symptoms" incase they match my boost issue or something else that hasn't crossed my mind! Its very bizarre though! :confused1:
Remember, not all HPFP failures are the same, as your trying to get power above 4k it might be cutting the fuel and that's why it feels like you have no power or boost. You won't always have the misfire or lumpy idle on start. If the fuel pump has never been changed before then it's worth doing. Could also be a faulty injector or your fuel filter is clogged up.
All of the above. These pumps often die a slow death and owners start doubting an otherwise healthy engine and turbo. Hesitant on tick over, reduced power, all known symptoms but it can be lookin for a needle in a haystack as some symptoms can be attributed to other part failures.

My 59 plate JCW is now on its 3rd HPFP...

Best thing to do is get it on a dyno and have the feulling analysed agains the power/torque delivery curves. Problems with the HPFP will be apparent.
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A year ago, this boost issue was fixed by replacing the one of two M.A.P. sensors, could it have broken again in less than a year?
I have had the same recurring problem with my R56, in that every now and again the engine will slip into "limp mode" and I will get 50% reduced power. I have replaced the HPFP which stopped the spluttering on tick over and has helped with cold starts and some flat-spot power problems, but I am still getting the reduced power from time to time.

Along with an oil service, the engine has had a new timing chain tensioner and water temp sensor, and of course the HPFP.

I am boggled as to what the problem could be, my local specialist garage assured me that the problem was down to the HPFP failing. Now replaced, the garage dont have a clue as to what the problem could be, and I dont feel comfortable giving them the car again to try and fix this problem.

I have the car booked in at Lohen next month for a de-coke and dyno test, but above all I just want the reduced power problem to go, so I will ask them to look into that before the de-coke I think. I am also getting a rough idle from the engine, which has made me think it could be due to a large build up of carbon, but not sure if this can cause the reduced power problem I am having.

From what I have learned with owning the R56 for about three months now is that although forum members are saying they are having similar running problems to the reduced power issue and have fixed it, by say, replacing the engine thermostat or M.A.P sensors, that doesnt mean it could be the problem I'm having.

The codes that were being brought up with mine recently where directly linked with the HPFP failing, but there was also another code (I was not given the code itself) that read something along the lines of "exhaust emissions" I think.

From what information I have gathered from 6/7 garages, including main dealers and mini specialists, is that although the R56 has now been around for seven years there are many engine problems that go under the radar, and in that I mean mechanics have told me that if I took my car to a main dealership and it was under warranty they would simply replace the whole engine and not even try to solve the problem by replacing parts. I have noticed in some for sale adds that owners are putting "engine replaced at X miles due to problems". I have seen this in more than one add.

I dont know if what you are experiencing is similar to what I'm having but as it's related to the HPFP failing, and reduced power, I hope it is some help. The only route I am going on is now taking the car to one of the best known mini specialists in the country, and fingers crossed they can sort my problem.
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