Whiteys Blue Toilet Of Win (Contains Charlie Sheen)

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******'s Blue Toilet

Factory Spec
▪ Full Hyper Blue
▪ 2005 Reg
▪ 34,000 Miles
▪ 1 Previous Owner
▪ Chilli Pack
▪ Visibility Pack
▪ Full Leather Interior
▪ MFSW/Cruise Control
▪ Harmon Kardon w/ AUX Input
▪ Anthracite Interior


◊ KW Variant 2 Coilovers
◊ Vorshlag Camber Plates
◊ Whiteline 20mm R-ARB, Stock F-ARB
◊ Powergrid Adjustable ARB Endlinks
◊ DMV Motorsports Adjustable RCA's
◊ CyberSpeeds Roll Center Spacers
◊ M7 Upper Brace
◊ OMP Lower Brace
◊ Powerflex Front Wishbone Bushes
◊ Powerflex Lower Engine Mount Inserts
◊ Powerflex Gearbox Mount Inserts
◊ Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm Inserts
◊ Vibra-Technics Upper Engine Mount

◊ Newman Cam
◊ Dave.F Intake
◊ JCW Cat-back
◊ KAVS 15% Pulley
◊ RMW Header Tank
◊ Bosch 550cc Injectors
◊ Mynes Bytetronic Tune
◊ Aquamist HFS-2 Water Injection
◊ Blueflame 4-2-1 Manifold w/ 200cpi Cat
◊ APS 13-row Oil Cooler & Mocal Thermostat

Wheels & Brakes
◊ BBS RG-F 16x7 ET35
◊ Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 (215/45/16)
◊ TPI 5mm Front Spacers
◊ Stud Conversion w/ Muteki Nuts
◊ R56 Front Brakes
◊ HEL Braided Lines
◊ Motul RBF600 Fluid
◊ Nitrac 8-groove Front Discs
◊ Performance Friction Z-rated Pads

◊ VW Sharan Antenna
◊ GP Rear Bumper Trim
◊ Dechromed Rear Lights
◊ Speedtech Rear Wiper Delete

◊ Scangauge II
◊ Rear Seat Delete
◊ Whalen Gearknob
◊ Cravenspeed Gauge Pod
◊ Cravenspeed Short Shifter
◊ Recaro Pole Positions (FIA)
◊ JCW Alcantara Gear Gaiter
◊ JCW Alcantara Handbrake Gaiter
◊ JCW Leather/Alcantara Steering Wheel
◊ Innovate MTX-D Combined Oil Temp/Pressure Gauge

◊ Innovate MTX-L AFR Gauge
◊ Aero skirts

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Sounds like a good spec. Congrats on keeping it quiet for so long!
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I must be the last one to get mine, they still haven't arrived :sad: Then again I am probably the furthest from Jerrick.

They look great. As Ryan said, when they going on?
Looking good mate, now get out there and play! We've waited long enough

Thats some serious camber btw, mines no where near that bad!
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Loving your stance ******. That second picture is really good btw!
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Another vote for the last one here, although I'd go slightly darker with the wheels
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The turini's look great, as do the RG's, but good luck finding a set of them! stock skirts and buy a pulley instead...[/QUOTE]

Why not go for aero skirts? Just so he can afford a pulley sooner?
Cracking set of wheels. What colour are they going? Or are they staying silver?
The very first one for me. Not keen on the pee lights tbh, just seems a bit much.
Other than the shitty ET, it's looking great.

lol at "5 year old bollocks"
Meisters feel great on the road at +16 F, +10 R.
Guess what I'm doing on the way home tonight? :)
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Looks menacing! It's such a shame that the Meisters wont go lower, even just an extra 10mm. I've never been about stance, but it's really bugging me on my car recently.

Uber reflection on the side in the first pic
An anthracite joey with chrome rings would be sweet.

Good to finally hear someone's thoughts on the spacers, could be something I'll look into when I have some more spare cash.
Nice one. I look forward to a back to back review against the meisters
Good to hear your liking them Ollie :)

that's all well and good saying that but you're almost certainly going to be slower than someone who has decent damper travel on the road, nothing dick out about going slower than you'd like wherever you want.
You've clearly not been for a hoon with Ryan then. He's a lunatic!
Good stuff. Looking forward to the review of them. How do you adjust the damping on the V2's? Are they the ones you have to take them off the car to do the rears?
Front height is spot on imo. Given the wheelgap effect of your driveway, I'm guessing the rear isn't far off the same level?

Newbies take note: decent wheels and coilovers transform a car
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