Whiteys Blue Toilet Of Win (Contains Charlie Sheen)

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******'s Blue Toilet

Factory Spec
▪ Full Hyper Blue
▪ 2005 Reg
▪ 34,000 Miles
▪ 1 Previous Owner
▪ Chilli Pack
▪ Visibility Pack
▪ Full Leather Interior
▪ MFSW/Cruise Control
▪ Harmon Kardon w/ AUX Input
▪ Anthracite Interior


◊ KW Variant 2 Coilovers
◊ Vorshlag Camber Plates
◊ Whiteline 20mm R-ARB, Stock F-ARB
◊ Powergrid Adjustable ARB Endlinks
◊ DMV Motorsports Adjustable RCA's
◊ CyberSpeeds Roll Center Spacers
◊ M7 Upper Brace
◊ OMP Lower Brace
◊ Powerflex Front Wishbone Bushes
◊ Powerflex Lower Engine Mount Inserts
◊ Powerflex Gearbox Mount Inserts
◊ Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm Inserts
◊ Vibra-Technics Upper Engine Mount

◊ Newman Cam
◊ Dave.F Intake
◊ JCW Cat-back
◊ KAVS 15% Pulley
◊ RMW Header Tank
◊ Bosch 550cc Injectors
◊ Mynes Bytetronic Tune
◊ Aquamist HFS-2 Water Injection
◊ Blueflame 4-2-1 Manifold w/ 200cpi Cat
◊ APS 13-row Oil Cooler & Mocal Thermostat

Wheels & Brakes
◊ BBS RG-F 16x7 ET35
◊ Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 (215/45/16)
◊ TPI 5mm Front Spacers
◊ Stud Conversion w/ Muteki Nuts
◊ R56 Front Brakes
◊ HEL Braided Lines
◊ Motul RBF600 Fluid
◊ Nitrac 8-groove Front Discs
◊ Performance Friction Z-rated Pads

◊ VW Sharan Antenna
◊ GP Rear Bumper Trim
◊ Dechromed Rear Lights
◊ Speedtech Rear Wiper Delete

◊ Scangauge II
◊ Rear Seat Delete
◊ Whalen Gearknob
◊ Cravenspeed Gauge Pod
◊ Cravenspeed Short Shifter
◊ Recaro Pole Positions (FIA)
◊ JCW Alcantara Gear Gaiter
◊ JCW Alcantara Handbrake Gaiter
◊ JCW Leather/Alcantara Steering Wheel
◊ Innovate MTX-D Combined Oil Temp/Pressure Gauge

◊ Innovate MTX-L AFR Gauge
◊ Aero skirts

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Nice one dude :)

Looking forward to the pics - expecting quite big things for the before and after comparison with the mods you've got planned... with that in mind I shall now be sending you a PM :)
Really feelin the silver TD's
+1. Im not a fan of them generally but that may be because they are always in black - but there and on your car they look awesome !! :thumbup:

I think its because a lot of chavs have them, but then again the BTCC use them (still the case?) so it evens it out.
I think they have just been played out as so many were put on the mini in black - silver/white havent been done so much so would work :) Plus they are light which is always big WIN !

There is a blue RS CLio 182 cup with just two fitted to the front wheels and stock wheels in anthracite on the backs, near me - odd combo perhaps but the more I see it the better it looks :blush: its as low as you could go too, really quite like it :thumbup:
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Those brakes look pretty substantial !! Excellent too that they fit under 16s....Go for it !!! :thumbup:
So what have you heard thats bad about them ? I hadnt heard of them before you posted about them....

Could they just be a bargain ?? e.g. R53 JCW BBK = £560 brand new, or R56 JCW BBK with 4 pots and rear kit too = £650... does that mean that there is something wrong with the R56 brembos ???

I know the above isnt quite the same but you get what Im saying... ;)
Well the R56 JCW Brembo's have been around a while now so they've dropped in price, I remember they used to be around £800. It's not really the same comparison, I'm not really sure how to answer it lol you've got me a bit on that. The R56 Brembo's are OEM so you can be assured you're going to get OEM quality from them.
I know I know I was just saying perhaps there isnt anything wrong with them, they are just cheap to get themselves established - as fictorious says part of the premium of other kits could be associated with the 'brand' so a lesser known product can save you cash... eg JCW airbox vs. dave.f (i know we have performance figures for both now but at one point we didnt)....
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All of the options will be better than stock so just go for best bang for buck IMO... that and the nice shiney red ones :lol:
Yea, carbos may be a bad idea after I get my wheels bronzed :(
Fixed by washing your wheels more often ?? Or more to it than that ?
The pad compound has some nasties so you would need to clean off all the brake dust after every drive to ensure they stay perfect. I don't know about you but taking all 4 wheels off for a thorough clean every week is not for me :lol:
Ah, ok - well fair enough then. Although I dont mind getting the buckets out, actually find it quite relaxing, even I wouldnt fancy having to do it every week.... plus I would need some axle stands before attempting that really...

washh ???? what do you mean, i pay someone to do that
:lol: Im now just TLTW (Lazy ;))
Nice, although I do like the spoiler too.... :sneaky2:
Need some help prioritising. As it stands in my head this is the order:

end links
control arms
IMO the other way round, pulley first :wink:

Loving the BBS dude :thumbup1:
^ :laugh:

Cheers chaps, subtle but purposeful was the look I was set on from the off so glad I'm doing that right! I can't help feeling aero skirts are needed though. From side on I feel something is missing..
TBH dude, from the outside it looks stock really, most wouldnt be able to tell that it was pretty well sorted... Ive always like stealth though so for me thats a positive :thumbup:

If it were mine I would want to make it look a bit more aggressive... I would want aero kit on it but would then leave the exterior but I just dont like the stock bumpers/skirts :wink:

finally, reflections look fucking hot, love the colour :thumbup:
Fuck thats cringeworthy ^ head meet pavement, pavement meet head - doesnt look like they get on well... :(
I can't believe I'm quoting Keano the previous coilover Virgin "Useable lows ftw" :lol:::getcoat::
:lol: Truth.
LOL I've never understood the whole idea about someone higher up being able to corner better than a lowered one. At my ride height I am able to thrash the car on scottish back roads every single day with no issues, Martin and Forbes will testify that. Harder springs mean I've never bottomed out and rarely ever manage to get the tyres rubbing against the arches.

(cool story bro)
Others may be different but Im not saying about taking a corner faster - Im saying about talking a very bumpy road at speed... the extra suspension travel gives you more confidence to push faster IME...

My mondeo with WRC gravel stage wheel gap can bomb down country roads, really hammer down them, without unsettling the car at all, it just soaks everything up, whereas the mini being firmer throws the car off line and me out of the drivers seat (need buckets)... not tried the particular road Im on about at speed yet since the coils, so I may change my mind on it...

Mini's corner speed is far better on the right road of course...
you really have never been out for a drive with Ryan then :lol:
:lol: True, Im not factoring in how mental the driver is :laugh: I set a rule where if Im not in my seat as I go round a corner Im going too fast :lol: OEM seats FML ::getcoat::
There is bound to be some sort of cream or ointment on the web that will clear that up for him...
If the mondy corners faster than the mini on any road other than off road then its a setup issue, this shouldn't happen Dave. Try it again and this time leave the vagina at home :lol:
Read my post again as you've missed my point... although I will admit that the sand doesnt help :p
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