Wheels and modding parts off cooper S

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Clearing out my hoarding as spring is here and the wife giving grief !

Hartge wheels very expensive and rare and unusually I have 5 wheels !
Union jacks, came on the car BMW replaced 2 due to snow-flaking after they complained to Hartge!
They have some snow flaking a few marks, but a refurbishment company will make them mint if you want perfect. They have 5 -6 mm yoko Prada's on all wheels no uneven wear.
Placed on forums first and ebay the weekend. looking for around £600 collected or you can use paisley freight for around 30 quid to courier. size is 7.5 x 18


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other parts are
M7 grills full set ! upper, middle and lower ( lower has a hold cut for the toe eye lower is for standard non aero bumper but upper and middle will work with Aero. All are in black Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mini Motor vehicle
£377 for the set from Coastal Racing.
I'm looking for around £150 the set. sold to dave89

Complete electric non folding mirrors with Carbon fiber caps . new carbons are £189 for new for the caps alone.
Looking for 100 quid and I dont need yours in exchange !

PM me if interested.. I can send you pictures or post them on here tonight. no dibs its the money in my bank or paypal that counts as I had this last time saved the parts and they disappeared and didnt buy !

open to sensible offers and no trolling yes you batou !!:wink:
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Hi Mate, I've just PM'd you about the M7 Grilles.
replied and now sold to you.
Its not listed so not for sale.
what about swaps for gloss black mirror caps for carbon ones? PM me if interested at all.

Blue Electric blue Cobalt blue Violet Automotive lighting
Blue Eyewear Automotive mirror Rear-view mirror Glasses
Light Automotive lighting Personal protective equipment Product Rim
Carbon Personal protective equipment Automotive mirror Auto part Rear-view mirror
No exchange needed. With picts now !
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Mirrors and wheels left. 600 quid for 6 wheels and tyres. The Prada's are more expensive than the 100 pounds a wheel I'm asking ! These are rare ...
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