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Weighed some more parts the other day...

R53 trailing arm with the bracket to body (couldn't be bothered to remove them): 9kg
R56 trailing arm with the bracket to body (because comparison): 6kg

So that would be 3kg saved, per side. More than I expected.

R53 facelift RCA (with a layer of rust protection): 1.1kg
Kavs adjustable RCA: 0.8kg
Hardrace adjustable RCA: 1.8kg

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I'm surprised that the HardRace are so chunky, but the trailing arms make sense. Did you compare the stock and Whiteline ARBs by any chance?

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I finally brought a scale to my raceshop. Here are the weights of some randomly selected items. Weights in kg and (lbs) for those of us in lesser developed nations.
Firewall insulation pad. 4.9. (10.8)
Boot with glass, no wiper. 12.7 (28.0)
A/C compressor. 5.4 (12.0)
A/C-heater-blower assembly. 8.5 (18.6)
Brake booster. 2.7 (6.0)
Four gas struts for boot/bonnet. 1.0 (2.3)
Clutch/brake pedal assembly 2.9 (6.5)
Steering wheel airbag. 1.4. (3.1)
Upper steering column. 3.7 (8.1)
DSC pump. 2.5 (5.6)
Interior fuse panel. 0.7 (1.5)
Engine fuse/relay box. 0.9 (2.0)
Bonnet latches 0.9 (1.9)

Also weighed....
Crushed beer cans 9.0 (22.0)
Driver weight loss 11.3 (25.0)

If anyone has a part weight request, let me know.

Do you know the weight of the bonnet? On a R53
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