Upgrading Factory Nav with POI's etc

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Ive just read through a really good post on Mini2 about upgrading the factory nav with POI's, speed cameras, perspective view and other features.... However the post was made in 2006 and a few of the links posted are no longer active!

I was just wondering if anyone knows if this dvd would be what Im after

BMW MINI Range Rover Sat Nav maps DVD 2009-2 HIGH on eBay (end time 02-Dec-09 15:52:23 GMT)

It mentions the perspective views and POI's but doesnt mention speed camera's (which is the main reason I want to do this!!) although the photo he uses shows a speed camera on it!!

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You might be able to put speed cameras on using the download from Pocket GPS World:

Pocket GPS World - SatNavs | GPS | Speed Cameras - Speed Camera Download

Search for MINI on the page above, and it looks like it's possible, using the software from these guys:

Pimp-My-Nav Home
Just thought I would post these to show what the factory nav is capable of.... with a little tweakage ;)

So glad I did this now, now not only does the OEM nav look great, but it is functional too!!

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Looks good mate. Like your gauges aswell
So did u get all them features with the new CD link on ebay??

I have the 2005 nav and would like Speed Camera POI etc
No, sorry I should have made it more clear.

The eBay aution I linked to in the first post and the screenshots in my later post are nothing to do with the each other... I didnt even buy the eBay DVD so I cant comment as to what that would be like!

I can send you details of the disk I am using to get the above shown features if you like.
what year is your mcs?
If anyone wants to know how to do this just pm me :)
Hi Futureal33, i PM'd you regarding how you make the factory nav unit do these extra things but never heard from you. Wondered if you could let me know how, cheers Tim
sorry to dig up an old thread but OP doesn't seem to be contactable. anybody else knows how he did this??? :)
Also interested in this but for R56

I could do with updating the current maps too, my disk is marked professional and I'm aware with BMW's there a standard and professional version, is the same with mini or are they all the same?

Also do the BMW DVDs work in the MINI system?
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nice find :) just messaged seller to see if it will work for r53 mini's with the newer dvd based sat nav :)
I've just bought one so when it turns up you can try it in yours and see if it works mate.

PS dont know why he has best offer there as I tried 10, then 12 then 14 but they were all too low!
really dumb question but... i can't find the dvd sat nav unit to my car! just had a look under both seats and in the boot area.. no sign of it. what am i doing wrong?
Under the drivers seat I think, check if it says CD or DVD on it as the early ones were CD
found it! It's under the passenger seat in mine. accessible from the back (so you need to fold the seat and move forward).

just tried an 08 r56 dvd sat nav disc in there... didn't work :p
just so that other people know.

there is a stickied thread over in the mini2 forums that shows you how to update your firmware. i just did mine and took less than 2 mins. now have perspective view and it does make the sat nav system look less dated :p

as for the nav software, the 'professional' labelled sat nav discs wont' work with 1st gen mini sat navs. However, there could be a slim chance that 'any' bmw sat nav discs labelled 'high' will work. Am still researching this.

Hope this helps someone :)
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