Tyre pressure advise track and road r53 205 40 17

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TYRE PRESSURE ADVISE TRACK AND ROAD R53 USING YOKI PRADA SPEC 2 205 40 17, using at 34psi on road for normal to fast driving, my car is as pictured running meister coil overs and later jcw brakes, and later swing arm mod, car drives and handles well, just don't want to kill the tyres for a tyre pressure problem, I am doing a track session at castle combe, so I need to know a goog cold track tyre pressure and what you think of my road pressure as is, 34 psi, so please say it as you see it, it all helps
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Alright bro! Just checked out your album photos, talk about progress!
Good luck jostling with the classics on Saturday :w00t:
A question like this is completely subjective so its sort of trial and error...

You will want two different settings for track and road. There are so many variables when it comes to this such as compound, side wall, structure, track temp, surface temp etc it goes on and on lol. I run 28 PSI for semi slicks on track and 32 PSI for road. Best to try a few different settings out and see how it feels. Air is even free at some petrol stations lol.
at least I am in the right ball park with pressures, with the 40 profile and being a reinforced tyre there is not much visual difference, its obviously a topic that is often brought up, but everyone does have there own idea and knowledge is everything, cheers
Id go with 30psi as they will rise slightly to prob around 34psi, i wouldnt expect too much out of the pradas by the way!
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