Tweedbean's Pepper White Cooper S R52 Project

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Hi all, just to start, I still have the F56, BRZ and Paceman, they arent going anywhere. As some of you may know I've owned a couple of R53's previously:

The later being the Porsche RS green one I built from the ground up with the help of Millys Autos.

Recently at a show I went to, I saw an epic R52 which was super clean and during a conversation with Rich Everitt we came up with the idea of both buying R52's. Below is that inspirational R52, owned by someone that doesn't use social media so you may not have seen it before. Its not the most modified of cars but is OEM+ and is so tidy for its age

So I started a hunt for an R52, with building work to our new house sapping a lot of my spare cash I decided to buy a non runner modified Cooper R50 to part out as it had lots of aftermarket parts on it which would pay for an R52. Look has it I sold most of the parts very quickly and for more than expected which gave me the funds to buy and R52 quick than expected.

I was adamant I wanted to stick with my first choice colours of pepper white or chili red as I don't want to get painting this one. I did get the chance to buy a super cheap fully aero kitted black R52 however that fell through after the dealer said I could have it around 7.30pm and he would take my deposit in the morning(even though I offered to pay there and then) and when I called at 8.30am when they opened to pay, he informed me he had now sold it. :mad:. Oh well it wasn't mean't to be and the search continued.

Roll on 24 hours and I spotted a 2006 Pepper White Cooper S R52, manual with around 100k on the clock. It looked really tidy in the pictures and was around a 3 hour drive away from me. It was cheap due to the mileage and few other niggles but after receiving a video and a few extra pictures I decided to buy unseen as I just didnt have time to go see it with work commitments plus I can fix most issues and the price was right. They even agreed to deliver it to me within the price. So I paid in full(Car dealership not private seller) and the car arrived the next day at 7am. This was the photo they sent me of it loaded up the night before:

So as it arrived I noticed a few bits that were mentioned but nothing I couldn't sort very easily such as a bit of lacquer people on the drives door, cloudy headlights(Easily polished), front seats had been hand stitched where the leather had split, front oil filled engine mount has gone(Oil stains all on the arm below) and a crease in the rear bumper. But considering its 17 years old they are all minor things that can be sorted via bits off the R50 shell I already have or some time on my end. First thing I tested was the roof and engine both work and a bonus I noticed is had HK audio which I was not expecting.

Now I know R52's arent for everyone and there are plenty of meme's out there. I am not a fan of the look with the roof up but roof down there is something about them. There are a handful of examples that come to mind like that one above and Davy Koppens to name just a couple which are my inspiration.

I already have a load of parts in the garage to go on this included a pepper white aero kit, wheels, seats and a few other little bits so lots to come. If anyone in the UK is selling any coilovers with top mounts for this gen give me a shout as I am looking out for a set.

More detail can be found here which goes live at 5pm today:
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I can't understand why people would pay money to get MORE chrome on their mini..
Good job, the mini start to look smart !
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