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Hey everyone been meaning to organise this for ages and have had lots of people keep telling me to sort it out so here you are :)

Sunday 28th Febuary (to give people a decent amount of notice)

Meet at 10am and plan to leave by 10.30 for a run out in the cars. I say meet at 10am but if people want breakfast come earlier as I'll be there from 9.30 at least.

Meeting at the same place on the A21 'The car wash diner' TN19 7QY.
The Carwash Diner

It's not the flashiest place but it's easy to find, has a good size car park to accommodate us all and big enough inside for us all to converge before we head off at 10.30am ish.
I'll have a route planned that zig zags us around some nice roads across Kent and sussex and then taking us over the Ashdown Forest where we can all stop for some photos and a chat. After this we can do another short drive which will take us over to a pub that is just the other side of the forest.

The red lion , Chelwood Gate RH17 7DE
The Red Lion | Haywards Heath Pubs | Shepherd Neame

We can stop here and have a drink if anyone fancies and also it is right next door to Munich legends if anyone wants to have a nose though the showroom window to see what they have / possibly another photo opportunity with the cars outside.

I have learnt from previous meets and will print out and post up a map of the route and directions to give people in the morning. Also I'll make sure a few people have my number just Incase but we'll do our best to stick together.
As I say I'll post the map of the route up when I've put it together.

If you want to attend please post bellow and I'll try and keep an updated list for everyone to see who's coming :thumbup1:


I have a route planned, it incorporates lots of nice roads for a little blast, a short stretch of dual carriageway (we can make a few passes if people like, it's well sighted) there is a bridge above that helps in making some nice noise and then there are a few places where it's nice and echoey on the route too.
There is a stop point near the end of the run where we can park up and get some photos and have a chat then do the last bit of the run on to the pub and Munich legends for a drink and further chatting.

Starting at the blue pointer
Stooping at the yellow pointer
Finishing at the green pointer

moving on ............

MiniTorque 3rd Sothern meet directions 28/2/16

Start -The Car Wash Diner TN19 7QY
• Turn LEFT Out of the diner on to the A21
• STRAIGHT over at the traffic signals (A21)
• At the roundabout take 2nd EXIT (A21)
• This is the stretch of dual carriageway we can do a second pass of. At the next roundabout go back down the stretch we’ve just done and then back up once again.
• Turn LEFT 1st EXIT at the roundabout on to the (B2162)
• This leads us on to the (B2100) which we will follow all the way until we reach a T junction.
• Turn RIGHT at the T junction (B2099)
• At the bottom of the hill turn LEFT (B2100)
• At the end of the road turn LEFT which leads to the main road which we cross by turning RIGHT and then immediately LEFT (B2100)
• Turn RIGHT At the next T Junction (B2100)
• Turn LEFT On to (Western Rd which leads in to Fermor Rd)
• At the mini roundabout STRAIGHT over 2nd EXIT (Hurtis Hill)
• Turn LEFT on to the (A26)
• Turn RIGHT on to (New Rd)
• At the end of the road turn LEFT and immediately RIGHT on to (Crowborough Rd)
• We’ll go over a cattle grid and shortly after there is parking on the RIGHT where we will stop for photos and a chat
• Leaving the stop point we turn RIGHT Out of the carpark
• Turn LEFT At the end of the road, then 100m up turn RIGHT (Chelwood Gate Rd) NOTE this is a tight turn that goes back on you.
• At the end of this road turn RIGHT And then the Pub / Munich Legends is on the RIGHT


ill try and have these and a map printed on the day but hopefully we'll all be together anyway.

Hope everyone is happy with that plan. I'll have some directions and maps printed out to hand out on the day.

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