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Hi guys,

Looking for some help. R53's developed a new noise in the mornings. sounds like sucking the dregs from a milkshake. Happens when planting my foot after cruising around 2400rpm. can hear the noise for approx 1.5 seconds. Almost certain its right hand side engine bay.

This noise only happens in the morning and its been a steady 6 deg C.

Went for a hard run at lunch time, hit limiter etc, searching for the noise or detonation, no noise.

I removed the intercooler, checked the vacuum lines. I have a boost gauge so to be sure I clamped the hoses to the adapter etc. I then went for a spin at night (6.5 deg C) noise.

Noise returned the next morning. :glare:

Likely to be moisture through vacuum lines? Or belt slipping briefly (still so cold)

Anyone have something similar?

Possible detonation still?

Injectors or fuel return valve?

Cheers for help in advance :cools:

not lovin ma suspension
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i had something simular sounding on my old 53. it was a collapsed pipe(breather pipe?) of some description. can't remember what it was called. mechanic said it was common though, so might help.
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