Street Class (MT one hit wonders?)

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Ok Chaps I have emailed Time Attack for the full regs list for the street class with a view to getting a sort of MT Cup at one round for all of us who like the idea of TA but dont want to get in the way of the main championship.

Who would be up for this say at Brands Hatch? As its the last race of the season it would be an epic MT party to get everyone down for it.
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I'm definitely interested in this :driving:
Ok chaps I received an email back from Glen to say its not actually happening this year as they are going to include it next year, I have replied asking if we could generate enough interest with people paying a deposit that it could be included for Brands since its the final to help launch the class for next year.
This is disappointing ! hope they do include it !
They need you to email them to express an interest.
Mention MT and say that you are interested in Brands Hatch and getting it off the ground at the end of the season as an insight into TA and prep for next year.
I did it straight away about 2 days ago when you posted about it in your project thread, but I never got a reply :blink: I mentioned that you had posted about it and was trying to get a few of us off the MT boards to attend Brands & so I asked if could they give me some more information to share.
I'd love to try, but in a class that the car could be competitive in, me on the other hand... :lol:
And it's the Club FWD class your in ? Are there any special requirements for that class, like cages ect ?
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