Street Class (MT one hit wonders?)

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Ok Chaps I have emailed Time Attack for the full regs list for the street class with a view to getting a sort of MT Cup at one round for all of us who like the idea of TA but dont want to get in the way of the main championship.

Who would be up for this say at Brands Hatch? As its the last race of the season it would be an epic MT party to get everyone down for it.
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Maybe a special MT price if we as a group are going to try and help TA promote this group they have not been bothered to promote themselves.

Brands Hatch would be the best idea, final round, showcase the new class and give people a taste for the following year but offer a discount.

The comment I read in the other thread about half cages potentially not being allowed seems a bit silly if people want to try to make it "safer".
It's only 5 months too late from the organisers.

A bit sad that MT and its members need to force the organisers to get the ball rolling all because they didn't promote it...
But as you see in club, everyone talks about entering and there were 4 people from every marque.

Got to enter it and show support for it to grow sadly.
I was hoping to enter a few of rounds in the street class when it was discussed as it sounded ideal for somoene like me being 21 and not having a huge budget or package. However, my only option now is the club FWD which I don't have issues with but I have nothing to lose in a class with cars that have double the power and its apparently the entry class.

It's not a cheap series as the cost of buying all the kit and the wear and tear and preparations costs easily take you to over £1k for doing your first round...
Ok i agree in this case, but what are the rules for the street class
No one knows as they never posted them...
I see your thinking.

But if you factor in you will use the stuff at trackdays (suit, boots, gloves, helmet) and the extinguisher can be used also. You have to ask yourself - is it actually that expensive? My suit and helmet will last a few years, call it 5 rounds and a dozen trackdays, the cost comes down considerably.

You won't do a full set of tyres per season either - again, I am using a single set and they are my street tyres too.
I understand that a lot is a one off investment but still for me it's quite a bit, in theory I could of had that stuff by now but I am still saving to fix my suspension. I do hope to be at Brands, the car probably won't be where I want it to be but it's got to do something this year...
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