Street Class (MT one hit wonders?)

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Ok Chaps I have emailed Time Attack for the full regs list for the street class with a view to getting a sort of MT Cup at one round for all of us who like the idea of TA but dont want to get in the way of the main championship.

Who would be up for this say at Brands Hatch? As its the last race of the season it would be an epic MT party to get everyone down for it.
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The high power cars usually run a cage / half cage anyway. I believe there will be a power limit.

Glen has emailed back to say we can have the scrutineering area like last year again if there are a bunch of Mini's in attendance.
I would always recommend a hand held extinguisher in any vehicle on track. if not for you, but for any other accident that you may come across.

Why spend money on a car, an engine build and then lose it all for the sake of a £100 extinguisher?
I do believe you will be required to have one for scrutineering.
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They need you to email them to express an interest.
Mention MT and say that you are interested in Brands Hatch and getting it off the ground at the end of the season as an insight into TA and prep for next year.
But as you see in club, everyone talks about entering and there were 4 people from every marque.

Got to enter it and show support for it to grow sadly.
Time Attack is a proving ground. As we see on here all the time, loads of people talking the talk.
There is great spirit between the teams, the social is very good and you'll pick up some good ideas for your cars (doesn't need to be MINI specific).

You can also push you and your car to your limits and compare like for like against other marques.
The standard of driving was very good at Croft (not so great at Cadwell!) - you learn a lot about yourself at these events.

What's to lose in trying?
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Even if you enter in Club Challenge FWD, you will only be competing against the cars similar in spec/power to you :)
I was hoping to enter a few of rounds in the street class when it was discussed as it sounded ideal for somoene like me being 21 and not having a huge budget or package. However, my only option now is the club FWD which I don't have issues with but I have nothing to lose in a class with cars that have double the power and its apparently the entry class.

It's not a cheap series as the cost of buying all the kit and the wear and tear and preparations costs easily take you to over £1k for doing your first round...
I see your thinking.

But if you factor in you will use the stuff at trackdays (suit, boots, gloves, helmet) and the extinguisher can be used also. You have to ask yourself - is it actually that expensive? My suit and helmet will last a few years, call it 5 rounds and a dozen trackdays, the cost comes down considerably.

You won't do a full set of tyres per season either - again, I am using a single set and they are my street tyres too.
So what are we/you discussing here, when there are no regulations available :)
Basically Tom, there is no street class this year. Just Club FWD.
Perhaps if Donnelly does get moved up (he/his car is very very very quick, pro times in fact) then it leaves the two Astras and me :)
If i could afford it, yes i would go in club fwd since there's no street class, i don't really mind, neither scared of the competition, i am used to having the most underpowered car in my class :)

edit : although i realized your question wasn't heading to me?
You would be in Club NA (against the Accord and Corsa) :)
And it's the Club FWD class your in ? Are there any special requirements for that class, like cages ect ?
National B none-race license (no test, just a payment).
Extinguisher and suit/helmet to FIA regs.
MSA blue book 1A/1B tyre.
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