Street Class (MT one hit wonders?)

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Ok Chaps I have emailed Time Attack for the full regs list for the street class with a view to getting a sort of MT Cup at one round for all of us who like the idea of TA but dont want to get in the way of the main championship.

Who would be up for this say at Brands Hatch? As its the last race of the season it would be an epic MT party to get everyone down for it.
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Can anyone enter with us i.e. mates or is this just MT/Mini only?
Its open to anyone, its a TA category, was just thinking of getting everyone form MT together for one round. If I can make it work I will be running it in my Alfa 145.
If my car worked, I'd try and be there as well :laugh:
What's up with it?
Date/price/venue/people on this - Me and my pals are interested. But it's a Fiesta ST 150 with K&N filter and a 1.8 Focus Derv, remapped with panel filter (not as slow as you'd think boys) and me in the clubby (bants :laugh:) which MIGHT potentially have some decent form of power increase providing things plan out..
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I think it's going to be £350 ish to
Enter and you'll need an extinguisher I think it's a 1.5 or 1.7 litre foam one
That's one each out the lorries for a day :lol:
straight up id enter in the focus if it crashes and rolls then be it
You don't mean that.

But I'd like to see you enter with it though!
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James organising an MT group buy. Fire extinguishers for TA 2015 it is! :lol:
I just hope he doesn't post them :lol:
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and so starts the inaugral MT cup. The current favourite is Jamie however there are concerns that with his constant faff'ing, he may not even get out of the pit
Might stop off at a maserati garage and chop the SL...
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If he does it in th sl , might need another pit complex for the 1/2 lap refuel or a tanker following him
Haven't you heard?

He sold a load of wind and has a transporter to carry the SL, Mini, MLJ's M3, and his go kart to the track with a tanker full of super unleaded strapped to it too :scared:
But if all that expressed interest email... it will possibly persuade them to have have it for us...

May be worth branching out to non members on other sites? i.e. ECMC?

Even if they don't enter, to express some form of interest may help?
I can see the press release now

"We had lots of interest for a new street class from MINI owners but when we actually ran at Brands only 1 turned up who got pushed round by his girlfriend driving a Merc SL. When we contacted the MINI owners who had expressed interest half said that because it cost more than a domino's pizza to enter they weren't actually interested, the other half just muttered 'Fucking MINI's'"

would make it worth it
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