Street Class (MT one hit wonders?)

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Ok Chaps I have emailed Time Attack for the full regs list for the street class with a view to getting a sort of MT Cup at one round for all of us who like the idea of TA but dont want to get in the way of the main championship.

Who would be up for this say at Brands Hatch? As its the last race of the season it would be an epic MT party to get everyone down for it.
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Street cars....without roll cage? I can be interested
Waiting on getting the full regs from TA,

26th of September I think, test day before hand.

I think its around £350 for a round and I think that includes the test day before hand and 4 passes for the event.
I can be really interested, if the street class is without roll cage and fire extinguisher system.
Done more than 60/70 track days with the mini..and I never had a problem with the fire..... Seen a lot of race car destroyed by the fire..with 2/3 + k€ fire extinguisher system.

I'm just asking because we were talking about a street class.. Here in Italy I cannot run a fire extinguisher system and a roll cage on a public road...if for the time attack the anti fire system is required I'll install it.
1 - 4 of 87 Posts
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