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Have an 04 mini cooper S with a number of problems that seem to be common to the car. From what I can tell the radiator expansion tank leaks and leads to steam anytime I drive it for more than a half hour. This currently isn't a problem as the battery is completely dead due to what I am told are "electrical gremlins" most likely due to a bad aftermarket radio install. The repairs are beyond my capabilities and I've had several unsuccessful "repairs" by local mechanics. Does anyone know/recommend a mini guru or good mechanic in Southern California.
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The expansion tank is an easy diy job.
And start by removing the radio. At least youll get to use the car.
If you are interested in doing your own repairs, the Bentley manual does a good job of walking you through the procedures.

And you have my sympathy if you’re facing a bungled car stereo installation! Some people should be banned from ever picking up a tool.

Mini Mania, ECS Tuning and Pelican Parts are suppliers that are located there in Cali, their sites have forums where you can no doubt find someone local to answer your questions or fix it for you.

Or if you’re interested in trying yourself, there’s a lot of people here who can talk you through it.
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