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Hi all,

New to car forums.

I managed to purchase a 2002 1.6 cooper s.

This only has 39800 miles on it. Omg.


It has the srs light on the dash. Had a look under the seats and previous owner has removed the connector blocks and hard wired.

Apperently this is a common fault.

Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the airbags under the seats ?

Does anyone in the Nottingham area have a srs airbag tool I could borrow or pop round to see if it clears it ??



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I'm derby, my light came on when i swapped the seats for Sparcos. I bought a reset tool which did the job but obviously you'll need to fix the fault.

I have some knowledge of the connectors too as i put resistors in due to new seats not having airbags.
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