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Hi everyone, as some of you may know I've been talking about arranging a meet and run for a while but I've finally got around to arranging the details.

Sunday 1st March

Meet at the Carwash Diner - TN19 7QY
The Carwash Diner

Meeting at 10am for a 10.20 - 10.30 departure for a drive / run / hoon haha :lol:

Plan is to head down a mixture of roads for a bit of a blast and cruise, heading towards Beachy Head
Once we work our way up on to Beachy head we can stop for some photos if that appeals to anyone and then there is a pub on the top of the hill for anyone who wants a drink or a bite to eat before we all head off on our separate ways.

The Beachy Head in Eastbourne - Find & Contact Us
BN20 7YA

If anyone is up for this please comment below.

I will be going regardless as a few of my friends fancy going for a drive but if we could get some minis together it would be good.

Cheers Sam

Edit -

So far....

Attending -
Lewis P
Mini R56 JCW (Callum)
James burbidge
RGN's mate (r50)

Maybe / possibly ( hopefully attending )
Leccy Blue (John)
Rigsey (Niel)
Lukejcw's mate
a friend of mine in an R53 JCW
A friend of mine who works for mini ( may bring a new f56 s if he can make it )

Looking good guys

A few pics so you know what to look out for

As you can see there is a hand car wash at the front and a car sales to the left. The car park is at the back of the building so you won't see the cars parked up from the road but hopefully should spot the building

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I'd love to but I'm on holiday on thay day. It's my last day that I'm there but won't be back til late that night :( which Sucks as I'd much rather come to this

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Can you put me down as a maybe please Sam?

I might be away with work, if not I'll deffo be coming :thumbup1:
Ok mate,
I was just about to PM you Incase you did t see this. Would be great if you could make it John.

If the General consensus is its a bad time I can re think the date but the 1st March would be good if it does work.

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The pub name alone gives me happy memories of a holiday I had....:lol:

Fuck it I'm game
Haha you crack me up :) cool that's good news although we may have to cruise mate as there will be a few sections where the police are hot on speeding so don't go smoking us all out Id your wagon. P.s. You need to have your coilovers fitted by March haha.
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