slight oil leak from engine area as well as general advice please!

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hi all.

recent owner of an 05 plate jcw :) love the car already :)

Anyway, noticed there was a slight oil leak coming from the engine bay area. from the top everything looks fine. Peering underneath there's parts that look shiny indicating there's an oil leak. also there's small droplets of oil on the drive too.

Trying to avoid stealership prices and have found what seems to be a mini specialist. Anyone heard of 'minifix'?

Would be helpful if someone could comment or recommend someone in the west midlands (birmingham) area?

I've got some scrapes and scratches on the rear bumper.. thinking of Chips Away. What do you guys reckon? Also, if a good idea, can anyone recommend someone?

Finally, my alloy wheels are all kerbed and one of them is peeling of with lacquer i think. Best to go for full refurb or just touch up?

Got a question on brakes too but it seems as though its been covered many times so i won't test the wrath of certain members here and leave this one out :p

many thanks!!
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Sump gasket more than likely for the leak

Not sure on Midlands but lots of odd Brummies on here like RKDE, Tweedbean , Yaphetlives etc etc ..
thanks brownpants.

if it turns out to be that.. how much should i expect to pay to fix it? Their website quotes 'up to 50%' off dealer prices. i think their hourly rate is about £40.
£40 then I guess - shouldn't really be that but guess they have to make it worth their while
if it is that then it's going to be closer to £60 i think... guy mentioned something about the gasket costing that much.

Always good to have a rough idea of what it'll cost. thanks mate :)
Sump gasket is £20, and its a good 3-4hour job

Its not a difficult job to do with basic tools, just need the belt tensioner tool
The gasket isn't too expensive... I think I paid just over £20 for mine
ah shoot... thought it was a bit too cheap :p

around about £200 squid then. cheers guys.

any thoughts on my other bits?? thanks!
Theres mini matt (MJR) and lohen aswell in the west midlands
Sump gaskets are known to leak. I've replaced mine three times, but it still weaps.

For your wheels, try Sweeney & Sherlock in Bham. Mention the dark silver Mini with gold wheels, and it'll be about £40 per wheel for a top notch job.
its going to be sump gasket, main engine oil seal or the timing chain cover. depends where it is coming from...
I've had my sump gasket replaced recently but still it's seeping a little so seems like a common thing on the mini?
if it's that recent (<12m?), shouldn't you take it back and get them to do a proper job of it? I know i would! :) Where did you do it and how much did it cost you if you don't mind me asking? thanks :)
Well it was mates rates as he works at a dealers but yes I am taking it back to him lol..
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