silver Oz ultraleggera new boxed

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1 off Brand New 7x17" OZ Ultraleggera Crystal Titanium Silver Alloy Wheel

i would call it hyper silver if your not sure on colour

et37 pcd 100,
these new retail at around £200.00+ each, i am after £130.00 + 20.00 p&p for mainland uk
or collect foc from banbury/1320

good to have as a spare, or to replace any you have bashed already

if you dont know what it looks like, then you dont need one
as quoted by james

" i dont have any pics, and im too lazy to take any pictures, if you want pictures fuck off im the wrong person."
and if you can get a new one cheaper, [as opposed to a set ] dont waste your time posting here, go and buy a truck load and sell them yourself
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Look for a guy on tm thats just bought my ones, he may be interested in a spare
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Alski,Put a picture up,you never no it might catch someone"s eye,
Dibs on this! I've buckled my front one, I need to check though whether I've bucked one of mine thats et 37 or et 44 as I have staggered offset, If its a 37 I need I will take it! Can collect also as I'm in Buckingham!

Will let you know as soon as I can check the inside of the wheel!
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