Shartak's R53 Hobo no more

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2005 Facelift R53 - Jet black, Shwartz II 668 - White roof
Bought in december 2015 with 75K miles, almost 90K now.
Daily car, does only fast road and sometime autobahn (leaving close to germany)
Planning to Track it one day, when I'll get an other car to comute to work.

I feel like posting in the project section, rather that in the presentation.
Since summer is comming, I'm going to work on the car more often.

Things in BOLD are what I'm looking to buy, so PM me !
list of Mods I already have :

- chrono-pack
- KMT Reduced pulley 15%
- BMC CDA airbox (gone)
- D2 racing coilovers
- Alta V2 adjustable endlinks (front)
- Adjustable endlinks from Ebay (rear)
- MSD coilpack
- Magnecor KV85
- DENSO iridium
- JCW R53 Brakes
- Front upper strut brace
- Milltek non res catback


- complete chrome black-out
- JCW Grills
- Japan Racing JR3 wheels in 16x7 ET40

List fo mods I'm planning to do :

- Hobo Airbox
- Upgraded intercooler
- Manifold + Tomcat
- Silicone hoses
- Bigger injectors (to be done)
- Catcam (to be done)
- ECU Tune (to be done)


- JCW Aero kit
- JCW gearknob
- Dashboard wrap or something
- GP wing
- Joey Mod Front and rear (to be done)
- Black Roof and mirror cap (to be done)

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Feels like chrismas !

By the way, when installing the LSD, I would want to change the gearbox oil since it's been on the car for 170 000 km, but I can't find a definitive anwser on what is the best oil to use with the getrag and a LSD..
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Fuchs Sintofluid
Fuchs Sintofluid
ref: 600539986
yes 2l (1.8)
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Thanks mate, ordered straight away !
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Progress !
Everything is in mint condition, the project is very well alive.
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Fresh out of the machine shop, nothing was needed but a resurfacing, they said they've never seen a block with 170 000km and a broken piston in such a condition .

For the rebuilt, we're going with 77mm(OEM size) forged wossner pistons, ZRP forged conrods, ARP bolts and King racing bearings.
Dat Gonna be gud

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I guess you already have the pistons if they've honed it?

and the rods....
They didn't needed to have them apparently, they found only a 0.025mm difference in diameter in one of the cylinders. So they're still in OEM specs.

I guess I could ask them, but since they're building actual race rally car for professional competition, I have full trust in their craft.
well, the piston to bore clearance for forged is typically a bit larger than stock, less the skirt coating thickness on Wossner, actual piston size is on the box,

do you have the rods? There's a delay now until the end of the year,
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Oh yeah yeah, don't worry, I know everything is on delay right now, but I'm not in a hurry, this project has been in the making for 4 years in it's current state, I can wait a little longer. I'll ring some reseller in Germany and Belgium, they've got stock from what I know
The head is what will require the most amount of time and work anyway, Supertech is superdelayed.
Also, sourced an Atomspeed scoop and a new set of wheels
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maybe let me know who has what left in stock if they do just for info, H or I, (although H is NLA some might be left on a shelf)

you waiting on valves or springs? Or both?
Will do mate.

I'm looking for Valves and the same kit you can find on orranje, the one with all stuff included, springs, guides, retainers...
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"I don't want to be like the other.." :rolleyes:
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Michelin Pilot Sport 3 or Yokohama Advan Neova (AD08RS) ?

Same price, same size, same availability.
I'm leaning more toward the Michelin, I know this tire, I know they're amazing on the road and on track and last forever.
I love the look of the Yoko, but they changed the reference, and the revew don't look good on these..
SC serviced, Everything was in very good condition, just needed to change the seals while at it, oil was very low tho.

Differential Auto part Font Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Gear Bicycle part Engineering Machine Auto part

And changed this MF.. The fan is now working as intended.
Gas Cylinder Engineering Machine Auto part
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New bits from Airtec, time to retire Colin's OG Hobo cooler.

Automotive radiator part Audio equipment Gas Home appliance Auto part

Shane from SC Porting is working on the head right now, will be collecting it next week.
I'm going Supertech BVH.

Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Rim

Lower block is waiting for forged conrods.
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I have no idea how to properly post a FB or whatever video, so here a link

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