Shartak's R53 Hobo no more

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2005 Facelift R53 - Jet black, Shwartz II 668 - White roof
Bought in december 2015 with 75K miles, almost 90K now.
Daily car, does only fast road and sometime autobahn (leaving close to germany)
Planning to Track it one day, when I'll get an other car to comute to work.

I feel like posting in the project section, rather that in the presentation.
Since summer is comming, I'm going to work on the car more often.

Things in BOLD are what I'm looking to buy, so PM me !
list of Mods I already have :

- chrono-pack
- KMT Reduced pulley 15%
- BMC CDA airbox (gone)
- D2 racing coilovers
- Alta V2 adjustable endlinks (front)
- Adjustable endlinks from Ebay (rear)
- MSD coilpack
- Magnecor KV85
- DENSO iridium
- JCW R53 Brakes
- Front upper strut brace
- Milltek non res catback


- complete chrome black-out
- JCW Grills
- Japan Racing JR3 wheels in 16x7 ET40

List fo mods I'm planning to do :

- Hobo Airbox
- Upgraded intercooler
- Manifold + Tomcat
- Silicone hoses
- Bigger injectors (to be done)
- Catcam (to be done)
- ECU Tune (to be done)


- JCW Aero kit
- JCW gearknob
- Dashboard wrap or something
- GP wing
- Joey Mod Front and rear (to be done)
- Black Roof and mirror cap (to be done)

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Aero kit?
Yup, full kit. With some bonus pieces that gonna be sold like aero rear wing, CC wheel arches and grills.

The front bumper really is trashed tho.. I don't know if I'll be able to repair it.
But for the price I paid it, it's not that bad I guess.
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Well, it's been a long time since I posted something here,
I repaired the full aero kit, it was a shitload of works as it was so trashed.. I'll post some pics of that ASAP.
The car now run an OBX manifold with a homemade tomcat to a R52 Non-res milltek cat-back. It sounds amazing, my neighbourgs loves it :thumbup:
I recently start to wrap my dashboard with some glossy carbon vinyl, it's clearly perfectible, but for a first shot, I'm more that happy with the result. will post some pics ASAP too.
And I plastidiped the grey rings, for the speedo, vents... in matte black.

Now i'll be time for the big maintenance and bodykit install, coilover inspection as they started to knock, RCA instal ect...
But I miss a door sill, do someone have this in stock : part num : 51710154680

Will see where all of this leads me, cheers !
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So long time with no update, but I'm making progress.
This has happened

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Oh boy it's been a minute since I went here ! I missed you guys !

Long story short, back in mid 2019 the mini started to shit itself (Fuckin' Mini right..), so I got myself a new fun and bigger daily :
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Window

I needed a releable daily to go to work, and the mini was starting to give me anxianty, and my GF was also giving me so much shit about the mini, I had to get out of this situation..
So I got rid of that girl and kept my mini :cool:.

Fast forward 2 week ago, I finaly started to work on the mini again:
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There is so much shit to do.. Most of everything is leaking, cracked, rusty..
I'm just hopping I'll not have to change the head gasket for now, I would rather prefer doing that at the same time that the big engine internal upgrades.

I'll get in more details about all the issues the car have in an other post, because I've been out of the Mini world for so long that I don't know most of the things..

Anyway, glad to work on that old piece of junk again, I feel like you can't never get over these cars..
Cheers !
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And finally, this piece of History, the OG will recognize the original Hobbocooler from Collin.
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Oh well... Fuck me I guess..Fuckin'Mini 😑
That's some parts the lower 2nd piston.. Nice.

Should I just change the engine all together at this point ?

Or I could just full send, and go from a hobo sub 2000£ repair to a 10 000£ full forged project...
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Happy New year guys !

New 2022 resolution:
Get the mini running again ! Better than ever !

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That cluch need a replacement..
Head look ok so far.

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Bloc, cylinders and head looks good to me, but I'm not an expert
What do you think ?

Only thing I will say, just for the science, I tried some liquid headgasket repair stuff.. it's shit, don't do it.

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Just this lobe looking a bit weird..

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Yeah, plans for the engine are on the expensive side now.
engine gonna get forged most likely, BVH with PH2 Cam, injectors and E85 remap.
Ok quick question: Imagine the mini would make around 260~280HP, what Cluch/flywheel combo would be suitable without breaking the bank ?
I'm ok to get a 1000£ competition cluch if needed. But maybe I don't need to, and a more reasonable solution would be just as good for fast road use..
I don't plan on tracking the car, just hooning around in the nice B roads near where I live. And fuck around with the big expensive german cars on the autobahn 😅
a) I 100% percent agree with you, I don't "need" to do it, but at this point, might as well ?

b) Damn I was pretty sure I saw some 260+ figures with Newman cam PH2 on here from back is the days ? what do you recon would do the trick in that regard ?

c) My stock cluch is bad shit gone. I was already considering the GTT Flywheel, seeing how praise it was on here, was also considering pairing with a FX400.
But if I can go cheaper with a more mainstream brand like Lux, Valeo or Hellix.. and get the job done the same way, might as well.
The engine is fully ready for rebuild, I'll not bother with removing the crankshaft or the piston, I'll leave this to the experts.
From my point of view, even if the lower part of the piston is broken, the cylinder wall seems ok. I don't think I'll need to get it machined, but once again, I'll leave this to the pro.
Now seing this really make me question if a want everything forged.. Maybe just the pistons, just because I don't want to redo this engine ever again 😅

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Here is where the problem was all along, I have no idea how this happened..

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For ref, here is how it should look like

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Can't wait to start the mini again, it's like an itch in the back of my neck that I need to scratch for 3 years now !


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Has anyone tried to paint all the "dirty grey" bits like the SC horns, the intake manifold and the engine supports with VTH wrinkle engine paint ?

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Hair Head Hand Eye Leg

I want to give it a try since everything is off the mini, and I always thought that these bare metal part were ugly when oxydized..
But I don't want to go the expensive way of powder coating it.
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Vapour or media blast?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Rattle can then cooking it in the oven 😂
Yeah, I mean, for sur I'm going to clean/prep everything before paint.
But I'm talking about this wrinkle paint in particular. I think it would look mad on the SC horn
the textured finish I'm looking for is more like this
Automotive tire Automotive design Floor Automotive exterior Fender
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I've made my mind on what I want to do with the engine.
Full rebuild is being booked, with forged piston, ported BVH, agressive cam (I don't know what for now), 550cc injectors and E85 remap. also got the Airtec oil cooler and a LSD on the way.

Now I've found a good deal on a CompetitionClutch kit, but I don't know if I should go for the stage 2 or 3:

Assuming the car will make 250+hp, what do you reccon ? I'm ok with both since I can have them at the same price, but I feel like the stage 2 may be a littke weak..
Called the guys at Competition Clutch and my motersport specialist yesterday, I went with the stage 3, should still be "smooth" ( as a R53 can be...) and support the new power increase.
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