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2005 Facelift R53 - Jet black, Shwartz II 668 - White roof
Bought in december 2015 with 75K miles, almost 90K now.
Daily car, does only fast road and sometime autobahn (leaving close to germany)
Planning to Track it one day, when I'll get an other car to comute to work.

I feel like posting in the project section, rather that in the presentation.
Since summer is comming, I'm going to work on the car more often.

Things in BOLD are what I'm looking to buy, so PM me !
list of Mods I already have :

- chrono-pack
- KMT Reduced pulley 15%
- BMC CDA airbox (gone)
- D2 racing coilovers
- Alta V2 adjustable endlinks (front)
- Adjustable endlinks from Ebay (rear)
- MSD coilpack
- Magnecor KV85
- DENSO iridium
- JCW R53 Brakes
- Front upper strut brace
- Milltek non res catback


- complete chrome black-out
- JCW Grills
- Japan Racing JR3 wheels in 16x7 ET40

List fo mods I'm planning to do :

- Hobo Airbox
- Upgraded intercooler
- Manifold + Tomcat
- Silicone hoses
- Bigger injectors (to be done)
- Catcam (to be done)
- ECU Tune (to be done)


- JCW Aero kit
- JCW gearknob
- Dashboard wrap or something
- GP wing
- Joey Mod Front and rear (to be done)
- Black Roof and mirror cap (to be done)


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Well... not everything goes everytime as planned, right ?
I'm gonna have to live with a non-winged with 2 holes R53 for 1 full week, the dude at the carshop wasn't available this week end :crying:

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Looking good so far man... Subscribed

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Thanks dude !

I ordered some more parts on Ebay

-50£ JCW Gearknobcheaper than expected.

-Those ugly and cheap Door handle cover
that I'll spraypaint mat black

-And this Silicone intake hose to replace my craked one, people on Ebay says it's good.. Will see ( It comes from the same chinese compagnie as the other brand anyway..)

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Packets recived !

This really is a better gear-knob. Do people use the gear scheme sticker ?

Also fitted the silicone hose, I'm going to do black and red engine bay, because red = more HP, right ?

Fitting was fine, nothing to cut, once the collars were tightened, I tryed to pull it out, but it didn't moved. So we good :laugh:

Today I'm going to paint my strut bar, does spraypaint works on aluminium ? does it last under the bonnet ? don't know if I should go black or red...


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Yeah I may go red, I'll go see what BBQ paints there are at the store :D

On an other topic, while I was changing the intake hose I cleaned up the throttle valve ( why not right ? )
But now when I'm at low rev, and it opens "just a bit" I hear some sort of creaking or whistling I can't really tell.
This isn't much, It's just annoying, someone got an idea of the cause ? Did I fuck up something ?!

I know a lot of you guys are already over Rota grid V as it's "old" now on MT, but I reeeally love these wheels.
The problem I have is the fitment, I think 16x8 ET20 will stick out too much of the arch and I don't feel like messing around with ultra camber. Sadly

So I came across the Japan Racing JR12, witch surprisingly have much more ET flexibility. ( I don't see much Japan Racing wheels on MT, this must be more of a EU brand I guess ?)

And I think these JR12 16x8 ET33 should be just enough to fill the arch, and not stick out.
Since I know Rota Slipstream in 16x8 ET34 are the "purrfect" fitment, I guess 1mm wont change much right ?

Can someone confirm that ?

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I finally made up my mind on where I want to go with the mini.
It's gonna be "3rd get bronze" or something like that..
Body is going to be black, details are going to be bronze and perfomance upgrades are going to be red.

Here is a list of what I'll be doing the future in that order :

chassis :
- lower strut brace
- upgraded Rear ARB
- Ajustable RCA
- Poly bush all around
- Stud & nuts conversion
- Rota grid V 16x8 ET20 Bronze
- Yoko AD08R 215/45 16

engine :
- bypass/throttle body check
- OBX/Janspeed manyfold
- Tomcat
-engine/sc check
- Catcam
-550CC injectors
- tune

Interior :
- 3 pieces dashboard gloss carbon wrap
- all ligt grey parts respray black
- some others small parts bronze
- 3 spoke wheel
- seats
- gauges and stuff

exterior :
- cc roof, light rings, miror caps, side vents ( with bronze "S"), petrol cap, door handle
- de badge
- Aero front/side bodykit
- upgraded scoop
- vented bonnet/side pannel

Feel free to comment guys, as I'm clearly not an expert and I'm willing to know if anything seems wrong in my plans !
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