As my R53 has now gone, I have these spare & seeking a new home if anyone is interested.

Pics are of one, but all are in similar condition& 100% hold pressure and have been dry/dark stored in my garage when not on the car, car was garaged when at home also.

I haven't put a price as the tyres are Dot 2911 & although I used them & they were just fine, not everyone will trust tyres of that age.

The wheels were refurbed after I bought them & the tyres refitted, I used them for a few months each year I was driving the car in winter & found them excellent in all conditions that I drove the car, but wear is very minimal.

Any ? feel free, or make me an offer if you are interested.

I live near York & travel to Norfolk every couple of weeks or can meet 1/2 way for fuel costs, or will obviously post for postage costs.