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First off I would take everyone who has supported me from the birth of the website to where we are now

The idea of the website was to showcase my travels and journey with shot of my humour & honesty

I haven't posted anything in a while due to my travels to the US to do MINI TAKES THE STATES and working fallout as now I have two jobs

I am account executive working on the Jaguar & Land Rover marketing and on the weekends I am your friendly Track Marshall at a Go karting track

CARS CAR CARS can’t get enough of them

When I am not driving I have been helping friends and wider community with charity work

It’s not every day you abseil down a building dress up as Batman for the kids

This is no excuse of not for keeping you guys waiting but I felt I need to post something to say normal service will resume soon

I am taking days off work to finish for my current review of the F56 MINI COOPER S in the UK & USA

I have driven both manual and automatic on UK & USA roads with steering wheels on either side

Not many people can say that and they can’t really say they have driven the F56 MINI COOPER S with JCW Tuning kit for 500 plus miles

Here is a little teaser of what's to come and thank you again for the likes, comments, follows, tag and all around love you give where ever you are in the world

Forever on a MINI Adventure

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Enough of that. You fitted coilovers on yours yet? :lol:
No I haven't

You will be the first know
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