Resonator Delete

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Hey all.

Got the resonator delete done on my Works today and can highly recommend it!
The over pop is more noticeable and frequent, def something I'm loving and thought I would share.

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I had the middle box took out of mine and a straight pipe put in, propper fucked up my backbox's that did!
How come Addz? I spoke to my mate that is a service manager and he mentioned
before i got it done that it wouldn't affect anything on car. :confused1:

Bit concerned now! :sad:
My decat has started to bugger one of the baffles in my back box haha. Joys!
By deleting the resonator you're changing the sound waves which will now hit the baffles in your back box at a different resonance eventually causing them to fail.

Same happens when you run a decat on a one-ball etc.
Cheers for the info guys, how long before this starts to kick in? Was enjoying the throatyness of the sound, feel a bit gulity
medling with the Works now LOL! :)
Mines taken about 8 months ish to start a rattle in the back box.
Ahh well 8 months of throatyness. ;)... Cheers for the heads up.
Its only just started rattling and its only light just now. Will get it cut open and re sealed at some point. Unless i can get a spare somewhere.
Bring on the pop pop pop
I've had this done and when it's cold it sounds god-awful. Great once it's warmed up so I've been wondering if it's down to the baffles expanding and not rattling.

Awesome either way though, gives me an excuse to replace it with something different :)
My exhaust fell off after about a month... literally dropped off half way down my street! I'd have been annoyed but i couldn't help laughing as it set off all the car alarms on the street :D

Welded the git back together now so we'll see how long that lasts!
Just remembered this thread... Yeah the GP, bloody things given me more grief. My clio V6 was more reliable by a long way! ha
@nicks do u mean the resonator delete hose like the one u get from FORGE or u mean the resonator in the exhaust i.e. centre box removed??
Reading the thread it's the resonator in the exhaust :)
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