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Hi guys,

I'm in the process of re-working my interior, but I'm very minimalistic.

I've taken off the downtubes - (ugly things). I've also removed the centre console (plastic surrounding the gearstick, cupholders, etc). Lastly, I've removed the plastic tray/shelf thing underneath the stereo block.

I'm a huge fan of this as a new minimal look, but I have two issues:

1. Is it in any way unstable to leave the downtubes off permanently?

2. If I look to have this as a permanent thing, I'm left with holes in the thick carpet-like stuff that covers the interior. With the downtubes off, I also have the sides of the stereo exposed. Does anyone have experience fitting a custom interior in this kind of situation? I'd happily attempt myself if the tools are available online.

Thanks for your help.
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