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Decided to move and spray the rear JCW badge for a laugh, results as shown.
I also sprayed the chromed JCW scuttes too, but didn't bother fitting them as I have the blackline scuttles fitted which I like.

Steps involved:

1 - Removed rear badge from boot using dental floss to cut through adhesive
2 - Used compound + polish to clean up clear coat
3 - Used snips to cut off front lower grill mounted badge, and "caught" the rusted nuts with a magnet :) Throw away the lot!
4 - sanded, primed, sprayed & clear coated the boot badge.
5 - Glued on plastic clips bought from Halfords to the back of the badge (for mounting to front upper grill)
6 - Removed upper grill & installed badge using 3 small black tie wraps.
7 - Refitted upper grill & voila.

Would prefer a darker copper colour, however I'd need to get the clear coat done elsewhere with addition of a few drops black to the copper, or to the clearcoat, to darken down. Couldn't find tinted clearcoat spray cans anywhere, do they even exist?



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needs a tiny brush to black in the recessed text and lines imo
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