Reduced Super Charger Pulley with non specialist insurers

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I'm hoping to get a reduced pulley on pretty soon, but my current insurer Adminral seem to have has no idea what it is. I have modified exhaust and air filter declared which didn't affect the price really.
But trying to get a quote for a reduced pulley is a bit more difficult, they don't have it or anything similar on thier list of mods. They quoted less than £100 extra for a performance chip with an increase of 10-25% which is the right amount of power gain but the wrong classification for the mod, the more suitable classification such as supercharging or other engine modification i couldn't get a quote on, presumable because they have no bhp limits like the performance chip one.
I was wondering what other people have done in this situation?
i can't switch to specialist insurer for atleast another year because my gf has to be on the policy and none that i have tried will give me a quote untill she's had a license for 3 years and i am quite keen to keep with this insurer anyway because they'll allow me quite a few other mods, including brakes and suspension with no change in cost
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I'd be amazed if they even noticed it.

I'd declare the obvious stuff, coilovers, alloys, exhaust and not worry about the rest with places like Admiral if they don't know what you are talking about anyway..
I struggled to get AF to understand what the different pulley was and did as the 'voice' on the other end of the phone did not have anything that they could 'match it' with on their system.

We agreed to disagree and the modification was just 'noted' against the cars details.
Just FYI... I asked somone in the insurance game about this for mine and they said you must delcare everything becuase the company will look for ANY excuse to invalidate your insurance. To be honest its just not worth it if you have an accident, all those no claims, all the money you spent...

Why not switch to one of the mod-friendly companies? Your current insurer can do refunds on unused policy. I found that my insurance was actually cheaper WITH mods than without! crazyness. plus, the specialists will COVER the costs of the mods, not just stock mini.
None of them i have tried will insure my girl friend untill she's been driving 3 years
None of them i have tried will insure my girl friend untill she's been driving 3 years
I'm sorry... i don't understand the problem :lol:
the problem is me getting up at 5:30am to drive her to an early shift
like i had to do today, because the other day she got injurted by a portmouth chav couple having a drunken fight managed to knock her over and carry on fighting leaving her bleeding on the ground
I'm so glad to be getting out of pompey, though im not sure Eastliegh will be any more classy...
I think any insurance company might be expesive for an MCS when you only have 3 years under your belt. If you find one let us know who it is.
i've moved away from the centre of portsmouth, i'm now in waterlooville, but my gf was on a night out in portsmouth
could be worse, could be in gosport
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