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Hello, I was hoping somone might be able to suggest some possible solutions to my Mini's random fault.

It's a 2004 R53 Cooper S. Done 80k miles.

It has a Kavs Pulley kit and that's all I can tell you mods wise (the pulley was done before I bought it).

So about a year after I bought it (I've had it 2 yrs in Feb) every now and again while sat in traffic the engine idle would dip - and it would sort of misfire and grumble for a few seconds - I guess till the ECU saw something was amiss and correct it. It does this mostly when hot and been on a decent run. Some journeys it might never do it, others almost every time I queue for any length of time in a traffic jam.

It's never totally stalled when it does this stumble thing, but runs v rough and I sometimes blip the throttle to clear it quicker (concerned about unburned fuel getting in to the cat).

It also seems to have some hesitance sometimes when accelerating, as if it's sort of missing at certain points in the rev range? If I hoof it, it seems to really go, but other times when semi hoofing it, it sort of hesitates and I have to nudge the throttle harder, and once past certain revs it flies...

Now I've lived with it for some time now, but thought I'd do something about it. It is not throwing up any dash lights or anything.

I replaced the plugs, no difference. I bought a 2nd hand coil / leads from a good supplier and no difference.

I had read somewhere that someone back in 05 had a similar issue and they'd said it was the throttle body gasket, and an air leak in the intake tract? Could that be it? See this thread on rival forum...

Might start with this gasket, as its cheap enough? Gasket - part no 2?

Or could it be the two boots/couplers either side of the intercooler - can they cause these symptoms? How would I test if its them?

Any ideas where I start, and how I might test or replicate the issue please?

I am massively skint, and can only just afford the fuel to keep it on the road (how crap is the CooperS MPG!) so the cheaper the solution the better.

Look forward to any help available from those who know these cars much better than me!

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