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RaffaIsOnFire: R53 Cooper S Facelift powered by krumm!

hi there,

my name is Raffa and i'm from Germany!

some of you may recognize me from motoring-underground or the german MINI-boards.

decided to join you guys to keep an eye on the scene in GB!

here are my MINIs!

sold my R50 Cooper ( RaffaIsOnFire's R50 Cooper RS! - motoring|underground ) after 3 years in may 2009

& bought a Facelift R53 S just days after the deal was fixed!

10/2004 R53 Cooper S

Glass Roof
Park Distance Control
Multifunctional Steering Wheel


MODS so far (september 2012):


- black grill
- Martini-stripes (until 2011)
- JCW mirror caps
- JCW scoop
- JCW boot lid
- R55 sideskirts
- Joey modded xenons
- Orranje Performance brake ducts
- Orranje Performance GP inserts
- coen mod on taillights
- tinted windows


- black rings
- JCW gear knob
- JCW Sparco seat
- R56 JCW Gear Shift Indicator
- EGT gauge
- oiltemperature gauge
- JCW leather dash
- alcantara gaiters with white stitching
- leather downtubes with white stitching
- turbogauge


- GTBV Bypassvalve
- JCW exhaust system without silencer
- Dave.F Hybrid Air Induction System
- Tommes74-manifoldmodification Stage 2.0
- 13,20% pulley (~57mm)
- JCW 380ccm injectors
- JCW 210 Software
- NGK BRC8ES spark plugs changed to NGK BKR7EIX in 2012
- GP Intercooler
- MadMick TensionStop

--> 222HP


- strut braces front & rear
- cabrio braces
- H&R 35mm spings


- R53 JCW BigBrake
- 17" MINI S-Spoke in gold (winter)
- 18" MVR KAHN RSR in black (2010-2012)
- 17" OZ Superturismo (since 2012)

more mods will follow during the next months. as a student i'm completely broke! haha!

hope you like it!

this is how she looks during summer 2012:

this is how the cars looks during winter 2012:


here's a chronologic order regarding my S:

how she looked at the dealer in May 2009 with 35.000kms = 22.000mls on the clock.

first i had the car lowered with 35mm H&R springs, installed a wiechers strut brace in the engine bay, convertible strut braces, a selfmade strut brace in the rear, LED taillights (sold) and put on the first pair of stripes:

after that i painted most of my interior matte black myself:

after winter 2009 i visited my old friends from mini-individual/attractive4mini for another set of stripes. this time it was martini-racing-time! :thumbup:

i dont like chrome so every part except the doof handles were painted or covered in foil.

thats how i rolled during spring 2010:

the car had to be "ready" for the summer season and so i upgraded the brakes by installing the R53 JCW Brake Kit.

after that i played a little bit with the navigation to get warnings when approaching a speed camera.

need new wheels for summer so got myself a set of used MVR KAHN RSR in 18'' with 215/35/R18 tyres. wasnt a fan of 18'' but i nearly got them for free!

got them refurbished and painted black.

headlight rings were painted in dark silver.

bought a JCW exhaust for better sound. hehe.

removed the silencer:

summer 2010.

switched back to the OEM taillights, got some cheap R55 Clubman sideskirts and the fitment was nearly perfect:

installed a Krumm Motors bypass valve.

fitted some JCW carbon parts.

did the joey mod.

little shooting.

autumn 2010.

during the strong winter nothing special happened, so my mod-season 2011 started just last weekend when the R56 JCW Shift Light was fitted...

hope you liked my little story!

stay tuned, i just ordered a dave.f - induction system!


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Car looks good, but im not a fan of the Martini personally. But other than that, good work :)

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Welcome to the jungle! Car as a whole looks great , not sure what i think of the alloys 60% sure i like them

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no sure on the stripes but i'm not a stripey kinda girls :lol: other than that looks fresh! Welcome to the mad house

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thanks guys!

i have to admit that the wheels arent my first choice either, but got them for 100€...nothing wrong with that!

i know the martini-style is something unusual...but because its unusual i'm loving it!

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car yes, wheels no

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can someone of the admins put this thread into "First Gen. - The Projects" please?

think suits it better, if its ok!?!


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Welcome to MT. Nice looking car. CC'ed grille & scoop goes better with the Martini stripes i.m.o. CC'ed headlight rings looks lush on a Dark Silver MINI.

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that was fast, thanks! :thumbup1:

Welcome to MT :thumbup: have the same wheels my mate is trying to get rid of (they came on his car) - any idea what they're worth??
as far as i know they are out of stock everywhere and so it will be a pain in the a$$ to get a replacement if something goes wrong.

really dont know. if i had to sell my set, i would probably be asking about 400-450 quid.

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Doubt you would get £450, but the car is stunning. Most dark silver cars look yellowish from what I have see. The shine is pretty incredible. A nice set of rims would finish that off nicely.

What difference did the bp valve make?

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wouldnt say that!

in germany even the stupid and heavy S-Spokes/Lites sell for £350!!

regarding the bypass valve:

it makes the gear changes smoother, they simply fit better.
after you change gear the boost is there instantly.

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car needed some detailing after winter...took me some hours and its a crappy cell phone pic but it was worth it...

also the last pic with the winter wheels fitted as i'm going to change to the summer outfit within the next week.

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