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The season is creeping up - FAST! Lot's of new cars are making appearances on Facebook (how nice is that VW Miltek car?!).

I've sent an email over to the organisers for my entries this year.

So far confirmed I am doing:

Round 2 - Croft
Round 4 - Oulton Park

More than likely doing, but need to wait for my work schedule:

Round 5 - Donington Park
Round 6 - Brands Hatch

Sadly I cannot commit to Cadwell or to Snetterton which puts me out of entering a full season. However, with 2 (maybe 4) rounds to attend it'll certainly be fun for us!

The car has evolved considerably since last *year*. We were running lower power, with a faulty Rotrex, with parts that weren't quite there for track use.
I feel we've worked heard to create the car - and the R&D, testing and going back to the drawing board has caused many a row at home (!!!!). However, I'm going into 2013 with a head held high attitude, a bucket load of power under the bonnet and finally, some decent track time to give me some experience of the car.

The coming weeks are now critical - now the fuel pump has been installed, we're awaiting the new exhaust centre section coming back to us which will then enable me to get onto more tracks for final testing prior to strapping in for the first round at Croft.

So fingers crossed that the car pulls well, I manage to turn the right direction round the circuit and the brakes don't fade!!!

Looking forward to seeing this year develop for MiniTorque and the cars on here that may also be making appearance. I feel this year may be the biggest season yet for MINI's out on track in Time Attack!

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Yeah, good luck mate - looks like you're getting some important track time in beforehand, no good having all that power and not knowing how best to use it !

I see you haven't booked any TD's around valentines day, keeping the missus sweet is ya ?? :lol::lol:

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Good luck Lee :thumbup: .

We are hoping to see you at Oulton and Donnington but as you well know these custom cars take some getting right so we may not be ready for either - the driver most certainly won't as driving my Seat Alhambra has exactly helped me get an eye for speed ::getcoat::

I have heard of a few Mini's that seaid they are going to be in it but heard that before - including us !

Yep Glen posted up some nice cars - I like Ben's S2000 - that's a Rotrex too :w00t:

Oh - have you had a 2nd faulty Rotrex or were you referring to the first as that's crap if you have :crying:
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