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Oddly I find winding in rear callipers that have handbrake mechanism built in - really satisfying.
Starts off a bit hard but once its turning it goes in real nice then the rubber doubles over. Im a saddo :ROFLMAO:

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I'm hoping to get that on the next side. On this one:

1. Old pads were so low the piston had extended too far so couldn't get my rewind tool on. If I tried to force manually the the adapter plate popped off
2. Someone has stolen (I lost) my needle nose pliers
3. Bought new pliers and managed to get it turned enough for rewind tool
4. Worked a dream until I saw my twisted boot
5. MT for advice
6. Fixed

Prob is I only have limited 1/2 hour slots (work and kiddies etc) so this spanned 3 days!
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