R56 Steering Wheels into R53

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Hi guys !

As you may already see my previous thread on my Dark Silver R53 , I'm trying to fix all the little defect that the car had from the previous owner.

The car has been into a crash that for sure.
The Driver airbag went on , and the previous owner replaced it with an R56 steering wheel and airbag unit.

So today i just poped the airbag unit out to see "How and If" the controls buttons on the steering wheel of the R56 could control the R53 cruise control or radio ...

I didn't expect much , but the connectors are differents.

My questions are :

-Why the Green Connector got a resistance on it ?
-There is anyone of you guys who already modded it to have the buttons feature of controling the cruise control unit or the radio ?

I let you check the picture and let me know what you think of it :)


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The resistors are 3.9ohm or there abouts to stop the airbag light being on.

The buttons do work and it has been done as has the airbag from an R56 which requires wires to be cut and joined using an r56 loom. Also with the correct wires from an r53 you can cut and solder on the button cables.

Your friend is bmw WDS which can be found on google to follow the wires
Personally, I'd be on the realoem site getting part numbers for the plugs they should go to and make a small adaptor loom. Nice plug and play then
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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