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WARNING always take care when handling air bags, ensure battery is disconnected for attempting to remove it.

I purchased my steering wheel and boss from Orranje Performance, its an OMP WRC wheel

I do not accept any responsibility to any dame to you or your car due to you following these instructions, they are for guidance only.

Note unless you get the light coded out or use the resistor supplied with the OMP wheel, you will get an airbag warning light.

A step by step guide on fitting an aftermarket steering wheel and boss

Tools needed include:
16mm socket
Tori screwdriver to release airbag
10mm socket for disconnecting battery
Steering wheel boss
Steering wheel
Wire cutters
Spade connector for horn unless you use one supplied in kit
Flat head screw driver

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I followed your vid on YouTube worked perfectly until i tried to start the car then this warning light came up and it won’t turn over...
did you tape the clock spring? and did you make sure the wheel and column markings were aligned? - some good pictures here:

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