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R56S JCW Breaking for sale
Epsom south London
Engine sold
Turbo sold
Front Lights sold
Jcw exhaust sold
Kw Clubsports sold pending
Aem intake sold pending

RECARO CS Jcw Alacantra & leather £deposit taken
Coolerworx shifter red & black + new Titanium knob better than new as worn in nicely sold
Evolve intercooler £250
17x 7.5 rota slipstream satin black (not a mark ) plus Yokohama 215/45 AD08r, fronts 5mm rear 6mm+ £sold
Gearbox £400
Yellowspeed 330x 32 yellow with ds2500 £sold
Aero bumper red with working brake ducts £sold
Side skirts £250
Rear bumper £150
Gp rear diffuser £sold
Alacantra steering wheel with carbon Jcw inserts & airbag £300
Red colour coded a panel scuttle vents £50
Mirrors black £80 pair non power heated
Mirror caps red £sold
Grill £sold
Grill surround £sold
Rear lights with red surround trim £80
Bonnet sold
Doors £100 each
Boot with factory tint glass & cooper spoiler £150
Rear factory tint windows £50 each
Black interior roof trim with all plastics £140
Roof mirror £30
Door panels piano black x4 £100
Black carpet £50
Duel AG look black & red dials plus rev counter sold
Parcel shelf £20
All dash parts?
Dash top £40
Centre speedo surround £20
Piano black dash & secret compartment £70
Oem cd £50
Alpine 178bt head unit with remote £100
Alpine type R 6x9 £sold
Alpine type r 6.5 + tweeter £sold
Hertz 4” coax sold
Alpine 445 inline amp £70
Chanel swap lead £30
Radiator & fan £50
Fuel cap red & chrome £40
Power Steering pump £150
Mats black £25
Centre arm rest £120
Shell- non rolling non accidental damage non sunroof £250
Steering rack £100
Drive shafts £50 each
Battery £40 fully charged, trickle charged.
Rear cloth seats black £40
Pedals? Offer
Bcu £100
Fuel tank £50
Fuel tank pump £50
Catalytic converter £120
Lamba sensors £20 each
Maf sensors £20 each
Coils £15 each
Roof gutters £10 each
Chrome belt line £10 each
Gear lever mechanism £30
Wiring harnesses offer
Ultraguage not for sale
Jcw handbrake not for sale
Rear arms not for sale
All collect postage additional,
Parts will be ready 2-3 weeks.
I won’t hold parts without payment or deposit
Please pm if interested in parts

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