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Ok, since the demise of Manic the options for a stage 2 on the old girl has somewhat diminished
So far i have either Evolve or one of the generic providers. After speaking to someone at Evolve it appears they couldn't be arsed with it, and didn't exactly fill me with confidence or enthusiasm.

In conversations with several people at 1320/Millsys/Lohen etc there appears to be a way back for the 'old' manic map but there are no guarantees that this will be available any time soon. There is a possibility of January, but who knows...... could be a long wait (they didn't mention which January though, 2020/2021/2022))

Anybody got any other thoughts on where to go?
Or just wait it out until 'Manic: The Sequel' Back Badder Than Ever!!!, is available?

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