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Just replacing the temp sensor today and hit an issue when refitting the green clip, no I haven't lost it but magnetic wands are very useful!!

The sensor doesn't sit deep enough down when the rubber washer is fitted meaning the clip won't sit over the top of the sensor and the sensor just comes out. Even without the washer fitted the clip is a snug fit so trying to add the depth of the washer is causing me aggro. I have tried to refit the original and even this wont now sit low enough.

Is it simply a case of pushing down real hard on the sensor and then the clip will go? I don't want to break the sensor! The housing is in the engine still so as we all know access is very limited, why they didn't put the clip further round 90 deg i'll never know :mads:

Mods: I did also post this in thread that is in archive doh! so not a duplicate!!
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