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It just occurred to me that I haven't posted this ad here, after throwing it all over various Facebook groups.

I’m selling my R53 Cooper S. I’ve owned it for 3 years, during which time I’ve spent around £12k on modification and maintenance to turn it into a quick, reliable track car.

The car has been maintained and modified by two of the best independent R53 mechanics in the UK, who can verify condition/work completed. It has been maintained regardless of cost, with plenty of preventative maintenance, and has had all of the common R53 issues rectified. It comes ready to drive, with no work needed. It will also come with a fresh MOT.

  • 17% pulley (+ BCR8ES plugs)
  • MTC intercooler
  • Hobo intercooler diverter
  • Newman PH1/2 cam
  • 550cc injectors and adaptors
  • Custom map (225bhp @7krpm, with printout) by Autotech Motorsport
  • Miltek cat-back exhaust
  • BC Racing RM (inverted) coilovers, with remote rear adjustment
  • Fast road/track alignment (not too low, still lots of camber)
  • R56 callipers, rebuilt
  • DS2500 pads for road, Carbotech XP8 pads for track
  • HEL braided hoses
  • Custom brake ducts (fogs removed)
  • MG Straights with Michelin PS4s for road/wet
  • Superlight 15s with R888Rs for track/dry
  • Orange stud conversion
  • Lower arms polybushed
  • Front towing strap
  • Sparco Sprint L buckets fitted (low) on stock runners
  • Coolerworx shifter
  • Innovate oil temp/pressure gauge fitted to vent
  • 6pt STR driver’s harness (3” with 2” shoulders for HANS)
  • 3pt Sparco passenger harness
  • Rear strut bar and net (not brace)
  • MTR 350mm dished steering wheel
  • Roadie Designs phone holder
  • Aftermarket TPMS installed
  • Bluetooth handsfree/streaming fitted
  • Fire extinguisher fitted to Puretrack mount
  • Driver’s R50 shelf
My maintenance
  • Rears pads/discs and callipers cleaned up
  • Header tank
  • Stage 1 cooling fan
  • Alternator
  • Hard brake lines to rear
  • Supercharger service (full, off-car service)
  • Water pump
  • Belt tensioner pulley
  • Crank pulley
  • Idler pulley
  • Aircon service/regas
  • Battery
  • Gearbox oil
  • Fuel filter
  • Lower engine mount
  • Upper engine mount
  • LSD
  • Xenon headlights
  • Harman Kardon stereo

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I’m based in SW London (near Wimbledon). I’m happy to offer test-drives if you can prove you have third-party insurance. If not, I’m happy to do passenger rides.
I’m open to negotiation on price, but only on the condition that you’ve seen and driven the car first.

You can read my ownership diary here: Basic R53 to Occasional Track Car


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