r53 Rear Bumper

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Alright guys, new to this forum but use to post on clubpolo and edition 38. Been trying to source a r53 cooper S rear bumper but cannot find one online for sale. Had a look on eBay but the r53 bumper is harder to come by than the r56. Are there any websites online that sell them? I will also have a search in the parts subsection on this forum too.

thanks in advance!

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I have just been on ebay and searched bmw mini rear bumper and there is some on there, what colour you after I have a hyper blue one in my loft
Hi Hoppinmad,

Yeah I have found a few but trying to have a proper root around before purchasing one. Ideally in pure silver just to keep costs down, mine at the minute has a crease in it from the previous owner. Are the rear aero bumpers hard to source?

thanks again
Aero bumpers do turn up from time to time, iam sure someone was possibly splitting an aero kit in the for sales not long ago

Forget that just looked and it all sold
ah cheers mate, i'll keep my eye out on the forum for one. thanks for your help
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