R53\R56 Performance Parts for Sale!!!

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All the parts are located in Portugal, every single one are in excelent condition and in some case new.

All prices are + postage (something between 20\35£) depending on the size via EMS, excluding the carbon hood.

Eibach \ SPC Top Mounts\Camber plates - 175£
Did a few thousand miles.. and that's it!

Schroth Quickfit MINI Cooper Racing Harness (New\never used) - 130£
Not much more to say.. the pads are sealed in the original package (compatible for R53\R56)

Mini Cooper S R53 Carbon fiber hood without Scoop (Brand new 0 kms) - 390£
Honestly i have no idea i would ship this, but if there is someone really interested we can try and figure it out.
Wet carbon fiber look, absolutely flawless. (around 6kg)

Soon i will have Ohlins availabe(3500miles).... i will open up another topic for that...

Any question can be sent over PM or email... however i would prefer email. ([email protected])

btw I will be unavailable between 17th and 21th of the current month in case anybody sends an email..

For the ones who dont know me, ive bought a lot of stuff here for a few years now,i'm the oficial RTM vendor in Portugal(so Nickbmw also can assure you guys you can trust me), creator of the biggest BMW mini forum in portugal( etc etc etc...
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I have a schroth quickfit harness and can recommend it, while its a four point it's excellent for those who do occasional track days as you can put it in and out in a matter of seconds. Also works with the pretensions so no need to disconnect airbag. GLWS

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Bonnet is now Sold!
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For anyone needing a vouch I've shipped plenty of parts to Luis over the years and he wont mess you around.
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That Schroth belt is genius. Never knew such a thing existed.
That Schroth belt is genius. Never knew such a thing existed.
Indeed it is...

it kills me to sell it... but i have to focus on getting other stuff done to the car!
He has been around for ever....:thumbup1:
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>holy thread revival batman!<

I am interested in the harness if its not gone?
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