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I happened upon this a few years ago, bought it for peanuts as a non runner. I proceeded to fix the engine & it has sat dry, under a cover in the barn ever since.
We have had a very busy few years, but I appear to have had an epiphany as the fireworks went off last night & I took the picture.
So wearily this morning with a head full of fog and smelling slightly of brandy, I put a battery on it and it fired up first time and idled like a sowing machine.
Drove it gingerly out into the yard to have a good look over it. Apart from the cobwebs and a few missing bits of trim it looks fantastic. The bootlid is full of rust but I have found a replacement tucked away in the corner which I am changing over as we speak.

I think a good service, clean, fresh mot & some new rubber is in order.

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So its out the barn, in the light and covered in shit.

Rusty boot lid removed and swapped out for a none rusty item from a NA vehicle! Spoiler etc swapped over.

I have ordered new , intake pipe (split), Intercooler, cooper S badge & some other bits and bobs. Taking it for a clean now and booking in for a test next week. I'm going to endeavor to get a service done before this. I'm pretty sure I put a 15% pulley on but will go back through & find out for sure.

I am thinking of making it a fast road car to enjoy on some of the roads around me. Anyway I'm off to give it a wash, to see what lurks beneath the chicken shit and cobwebs.

Any 2022 opinions on Michelin PS 4's Vs 888r ?
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