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Hi everyone,

Pulled my car apart a bit to do some nessecary maintenance and discovering a few more bits needed as I am going along.

The gearbox mount (6 speed auto) 2006 R53 is Def on the way out and I'd like to replace it. They are not only expensive, but also shipping is going to take 2 weeks plus..

Can I refurb the mount with new bushings?

And if so, which bushings? From where? I've looked at the powerflex ones, but I think they are for the manual, not the auto, or are they the same mount?

Bottom pic is the mount I think I need,part number 22326768207

Any info would be greatly appreciated guys. Thx

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I'd just swap it when it arrives, it's not going to stop you using it is it, and is hardly a big job
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