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Hi all,

I'm back and returning with my third R53 MCS.

There must be something about them, each time I sell a car I keep coming back to Mini.

I've previously own a Dark Silver MCS and a black, pictured below.

FB_IMG_1488993159869 by Robert Cole, on Flickr

20170306_203829 by Robert Cole, on Flickr

I had plans for them but they didn't really come to much, the exhaust on the first DS developed a hole so I one-balled that and had a reduced pulley fitted at SWSS in Cardiff, the second one I bought from a chap on here in Hertfordshire a couple of years ago, that had a reduced pulley, resonated Miltek and that was about it. I did actually buy 15x7 Pro Race 1.2's, a full set of Nexens, Direnza coilovers and Silver Project adjustable top mounts and RCA's... they sat in the spare room for a while and I ended up selling the lot. Stupid of me because it would have looked amazing!

This one I bought last month, it's got a decent list already which is great but there's still a few things I'd like to get around to doing in my ownership.

20170304_121117 by Robert Cole, on Flickr

Those are Dare wheels, not really my thing but can't complain. The list of other changes already done follows;

- AP Coilovers
- Pro Speed stainless exhaust
- Decat
- Janspeed Manifold
- DNA Remap
- Reduced pulley
- GRS intercooler
- JCW airbox
- JCW front strut brace
- Carbon JCW mirrors
- US sidemarkers

I've always looked at this photo for inspiration, I believe the owner lives in Belgium and is a member on here?

izt6ib by Robert Cole, on Flickr

Before owning this a week I made a purchase... you can see what's coming!
I've always had a soft spot for a slightly oversized tyre on a 16" - so I did it.

17354997_10158378458935367_1199658887_n by Robert Cole, on Flickr

and the results are in...

Rota Slipstream in Steel Grey, 16x7 ET 40 on a 205.50.16 Falken

20170307_170524 by Robert Cole, on Flickr

17354915_10158378463850367_2028338857_n by Robert Cole, on Flickr

Absolutely love how it sits on those.

A few things on my 'to-do' are to fit my personal plate as soon as the V5 returns, obtain and fit some carbon headlight rings, replace the scoop with something with more scoop (lol) I think Orranje do one, fit an OMP targa and last of all obtain some reclining buckets in the long term.

I need to keep this one, it's got everything I want and will be stupid to consider selling it so please convince to me not let it go!

That's all for now,


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Got out and about yesterday afternoon. Recently moved to Newport from Bridgend so it's good to see some new places, plus I get to push the Mini through some country lanes :thumbup:

I wanted to tidy up the headlight rings which were peeling, or should I say, .had peeled off almost completely. They're wrapped matt black now, not the best job but look better nonetheless. Also received my V5 finally, so I fitted my short plates!




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Now and again when mid-way through the revs I'm finding it yoyo-ing to an extent.

I've done a bit of research and found that it could be the Bypass Valve, I popped to my local Sytner to grab a price on the part on it's own.

Parts were closed... then I got looking at the Clubman JCW and the Countryman Cooper S... then I got talking about PCP haha.

The R53 won't be going anywhere, we've got a Suzuki Swift 1.2 on the drive that we both dislike that has a year left on PCP so I'm keeping options open. Having sat in them in the dealer they're both much more appealing than just seeing them on the road!

Obligatory Mini dealer photo:

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