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2006 R53 Hyper Blue/White Cooper S with Milltek etc.
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Hi All,

Have these sat around doing nothing so thought I'd offer them out in the event anyone was looking for some.

Came off a 2006 Cooper S on which they were factory fitted (swapped them for white ones as car had a white roof).

One (passenger side) is basically perfect bar a couple of v minor age related marks, all clips intact.

The other (drivers side) is fine but starting to tarnish just a little. Can only be noticed very close up. All clips bar one are intact.

Transpires the car must have had a replacement drivers side cap at some point as the cap is 2004 vintage (where as the other is as per the build date of the car there or thereabouts). Suspect it's been lost/damaged and one of the previous keepers has picked up a used one.

Last image to show the mild tarnishing on the drivers cap.

Very expensive to buy direct from Mini (believe they are currently c. £120 per cap). Will let them go for £35 posted.

PM me if of interest. I would post upon receipt of PayPal payment.


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