Full camber adjustment
Steel with zinc coating, and finished in a matte powder coat
Approx 1.8 degrees +/- adjustment


R55 MINI Clubman
R56 MINI Hardtop
R57 MINI Convertible
R58 MINI Coupé
R59 MINI Roadster
R60 MINI Countryman
R61 MINI Paceman

Tested on the following coilovers
OEM suspension
AP coilovers
ST coilovers
KW coilovers
Bilstein B14 coilovers
TEIN coilovers

Please note that these do not fit the FK coilovers without additional hardware, that would need to be sourced by the customer. The Silver Project top mounts are a direct replacement for OEM top mounts - if your coilovers fit the OEM top mount AND OEM centre top mount nut, then the Silver Project top mounts should fit.

Silver Project top mounts are not pre-set to a certain degree, and we advise having a full alignment on your car after fitting. A small amount of Loctite on the adjustment bolts will ensure they do not move after alignment, and tightened to 9 Nm lubricated / 11 Nm dry. Loctite is also advised on the base of the studs, to ensure they don't spin in the top mount when installing. Please ensure that the bearing is greased before installation. Due to the spherical bearing, as opposed to rubber in the OEM, a small amount of noise is to be expected.