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So here we go...

Base Car: June '03 JCW (early 200bhp version) Cooper S

How it sits as of Jan 2013:

Current/Future Spec:

Key: (Fitted) (Future/Planned) (Bought/Not fitted yet) (Close to purchasing - 1 month) (For Sale)

#CAE Shifter
#OSGiken Super Lock LSD
#OSGiken GT Clutch/Flywheel Combo

#Dave.F Airbox
#Smaller belt
#15% Reduced S/C Pully
#RMW Head w/ Inconel Valves
#RMW Cam - Grand-Am (272/264)
#RMW Shorty Manifold w/V-Band
#Head/Zoorst Gaskets
#ARP head studs
#1000CC Injectors
#Arias 78mm Pistons - Ceramic Coated
#Eagle Con-Rods w/ ARP Bolts
#Clevite bearings
#RMW Custom Stroker Crank
#RMW Oil Baffle
#Custom dry sleeves for block
#New OEM Oil Pump, Cam Chain Tensioner, Timing Chain, Idler Pulley, Chain Guides, Seals and O-Rings
#ATI Super Damper

#RMW Rotrex 30-94 Supercharger Kit
#Vipec Standalone ECU
#Samco Coolant Hoses
#Forge header and power steering tanks
#NGK BCR8EIX Spark Plugs
#Aquamist HFS-3 Water/Meth Kit (running 100% methanol)
#Driveshaft Shop 475WHP Axles

#AMSoil SAE30 Break-In Oil -> Valvoline 15w-40 Diesel Oil -> AMSoil Dominator 15w-50
#Millers CRX 75w-90 NT Gearbox Oil
#Oil for supercharger (M45)

#Speedline Turini lightweight wheels (under 8Kg each)
#Yokahama AD08 235/45/17
#R56 JCW Brembo 4-pot front calipers
#Nitrac 316x22mm LN2, Black Phosphate treated and 16 grooved, Same but smaller discs for rear
#Carbotech XP8 Front+Rear Pads
#ATE Super Blue brake fluid
#HEL stainless steel brake lines
#JRZ RS Coilovers - Camber/Caster/Toe & Swift Springs
#Powerflex Front Control Arm Bush
#Powerflex Front Control Arm Bush Metal Jacket
#Powerflex Steering Rack Bush
#ATE PlastiLube
#Alta Rear 22mm Adjustable Sway Bar
#H-Sport Front 27mm Sway Bar
#SPC Camber Links (x4)
#Cusco Power Brace (Front and Rear)
#Cusco Aluminium Strut Brace
#R56 front wheel bearings
#R56 Rear Trailing Arms
#R56 Wheel Bearings (Rear)
#Powerflex R56 Rear Trailing Arm Front Bush
#M14 ARP Studs for R56 Wheel Bearings
#Aluminium R56 Rear Shock Bushings
#R56 Rear Calipers, pads
#R56 JCW rear discs
#R56 Handbrake Cables

#Carbon scoop, wing mirrors, door handles, boot-lid handle, filler cap and headlight surrounds
#Wrap chrome surround in black vinyl
#Black vipers for dark silver, dark silver vipers for roof
#De-chrome rear lights
#3-Spoke JCW Alcantara/Carbon Steering Wheel
#Alcantara handbrake and gear stick gaitors
#Full carbon dash
#Carbon/alcantara gearstick and handbrake lever

Weight Reduction
#Odyssey PC680 Lightweight Battery (10Kg lighter)

A little build video (Engine #1):

A dyno (Engine #1):

Really must get my finger out and get a decent running video up...

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"JCW1600" for roof in GP font - Ordered ------Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Bad idea why?
My bro has JCW0021 on his and it looks well...
Some people think roof numbers are naff unless on a GP
What he said ^^^^ GP's are numbered because they are well, limited. Yours is some extra badges already from the factory. Why would you want to add more?

If your brother had syphilis, would that mean you'd go out and get it too?

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Looking good! And you dont have to lose the aircon?? What temp differences have you seen? Have you got a scangauge on yet?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks man, nope don't have to lose the air con - that is the beauty of the MK2 and MK1 charge coolers, I was originally going to go for an FMIC from GRS but I value my Air-con too much...

The rad for the Charge Cooler fit in front of the air con and behind the big support bar, I can get some pics if you like?

No idea on differences in temps, never had a before temp, I have an Innovate OT-2 but I don't think it gives IATs - I need to buy a sensor and weld it in for that I believe. On average though Graham says you will see the same drop in temps as an FMIC but with slightly slower recovery rates (still damn fast thought!)

As for scangauge, don't see the appeal, just go all out and get an Innovate DL-32 and some LC-1's and a rake of sensors and log everything... Software and everything included, if you want to see it realtime then get one of their little displays.

But the mini is a bitch in terms of OBDII compatibility (with DashCommand anyway) all of their flags seem to be non-standard.

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Here's pictures of the brake changing process and comparison shots,
I don't think the old rear discs were even legal...

Everything off!

Mmmm rusty hubs...

Old Crapness

New Hotness

Old Crapness

New Hotness

Old possibly illegal crapness

New slotted hotness

Turinis resting up before bedding...

11:30pm both front discs, callipers, pads and lines installed

1:00am both rear arrays fitted

Test fit front callipers on 17'' rims

Old callipers and lines

Old discs (state of the rears!)

Just fancied a side shot...

My brother helping me fit the wheels at 1:30am

Hover car!

Pretty reflections

All done!

Shiny shiny!

After a days usage

Wheel gap... NEED TO DROP

Black phosphate worn off

Rockin' the Toyos


Front right


Thats a nice wheel gap

Mucho red

Hope you like it guys!
During the bedding process endorsed by Carbotech we pulled over after some of their "very hard braking from 70+ to 10mph" runs to check them out, I have never seen as much smoke coming from brakes ever :D

Well worth the money, thing is... I'll be out of pocket for whiplash treatment from now on!

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Nice car mate but what's happening with the rear wheel gap, how is that possible compared to the front?
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