Project Mini:RMR - Rotrex Mini (goal of 500+ bhp again)

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Well I think I'm at a point now where I can just about justify a project thread. I never ever anticipated to get into what I have, but hey ho :)

I bought my JCW R53 not long ago (having had a MCS before) as a promotional car for my photography business. However, it became quickly apparent that I wanted to put in on track - and to do it properly.

My last car was a 2006 Subaru Imprezza WRX 2.5 which I bought and spent quite a lot of cash modifying - but not doing it properly as it was a daily hag too.

But enough about that!

As it stands at the latest update:

445 WHP!!!!

So my parts list (the very exciting bit!) - UPDATED April 2013

Wheels & Brakes
Rota Grid Drift 17x9 ET20 with Yokohama AD08's 235/40/17
Rota Torque 17x8 ET35 with some tyre or other for wet (to be confirmed soon)
AP Racing racing calliper set, AP racing discs, AP racing break lines with Mintex 1144 pad.
Goodridge hoses
Motul blu fluid
custom ducting through GP front bumper

JRZ RS suspension. Adjustable camber and castor top mounts, swift springs and helper springs at the rear.
Powerflex full ARB's
Eibach front and rear ARB
EPC Adjustable rear control arms
Adjustable drop links
GTT upper strut brace
OMP lower H brace

Corbeau Black seat mounts
Cobra Imola Pro buckets
Custom rear cage and harness (thanks to Steve Lancaster)
AIM MXL Pista digital dash system
AIM GPS for accurate speed and track timing
Innovate AFR gauge
Phormula KS3 knock box
Lifeline plumbed in fire extinguisher
Rear seat delete with custom carbon sheets
Rear/Side window tints
Sparco 5 point pro series road legal harnesses
Black alcantara roof lining and A pillars
Carbon door cards
Carbon gear surround
Carbon handbrake surround
Carbon aux panel (for AFR and Knock)

Aero rear
GP front bumper
GP side skirts
RMW front splitter bolted to subframe.
Orranje rear GP spoiler (v1)
Ducting from fog light delete to brakes
JCW carbon intake
Rear windows and side tints to 90% black
Radical Mini Racing Decals
Mini Sport LTD Carbon rear diffuser
Radical Mini Racing flat floor


1.7L stroker RMW Race Head with Rotrex 30-94 (big) and Meth.

RMW BVH, Beehive Springs, Titanium retainers, 1.8mm oversized intake valves, 2.3mm oversized exhaust valves.
78mm head gasket
Custom pistons with ceramic coating
RMW race / rotrex cam
RMW CAI, 55gal min water pump, dual pass rad, RMW FMIC, Rotrex cooler
Stroker rod bearings
Baffles, Pank gasket and uprated oil pump
ARP head studs
4340 billet stroker crank
RMW race header, sports cat
MiniGarage 3" custom exhaust system - no centre resonator. LOUD
Aquamist custom Meth system - utilising battery compartment for 3Gal case
OS Giken Grand Touring Race clutch and lightened flywheel
VIPEC V88 ECU, mapped by Will Pedley
OS Giken LSD to replace factory diff.
Powerflex engine and gearbox bushes - everything nice and tight to help reduce torque steer
Vibratechnics Upper Engine mount
CAE quick shifter
Custom fuel cell with ATL fuel level sensor, Facet lift pump and Bosch 044 high pressure pump.
RMW fuel rail, Earls fuel filter, Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator
Return lines to swirl pot - hand formed hard lines, Fuel pressure sensor to dash

Weight Savings
Race battery
Aircon delete (to bulkhead)
Rear seats out, rear 1/4s off, seats replaced with buckets
Interior trim removal

Not sure if I've missed anything out to date - there's so much stuff happening at the moment it's hard to keep track of it all!
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Mad4Mini in Leeds are my local Mini specialist who have stripped the car for me, and together (with the assistance of Jan & RMW - who has been superb! and Jeff at Howerton Engineering for the Meth solution) we are hoping to complete the build in the next 2 months :)

Car with boxes full of new gear!

GRS motorsport intercooler was put on, but it soon became apparent it wasn't going to quench my needs!

Rear bumper off, checking routing of braided hosing for meth from the battery area

Initial strip - CD changer coming out!

Brand new callipers

Black mounts

Lovely new seats!

So at present, the car is stripped as much as possible, we're awaiting suspension, brakes and wheels to get it rolling again.

As soon as we get the engine components, we'll get it bored out to 1.7L and get the engine fully forged and the stroker built. The head will be a couple of weeks behind that, along with the Rotrex.

So at the moment - we're at a standstill other than body work / painting and interior work / cabling :)
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And more pics and updates ...
Subscribed! Can't wait to see this build come together.
Wow, that modlist... :w00t:
Old scoob looks great. Be interested to see this car come along.
great build, good luck! ,

are mad4mini doing all the engine work etc. as well? There is an apprentice that works there, she goes to my collage.
This is gonna be a good read I can tell

As above, your old scoob looks mint also
What a list.

I just cant understand why people would spend money (brand new parts) which are fucking expensive, on a mini..

With that dough you could have such a nice stock motor..
I've had nice motors - and I've had expensive motors :) But that's not the point is it ... ?

For what I paid for the car and the mod list, pound for pound the fun factor will be epic!
It's going to be used in hill climbs, track days and hopefully, in 2013 - time attack!
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@Jack - yep, I was introducing Abby today to Meth and what we were doing with the build. She's really interested!

Mad4Mini aren't building the engine, we're taking that to a company in Bradford to be assembled and tested :)
Brilliant stuff, il keep an eye on this thread! As above, love the scooby, I have a massive soft spot for them
@Jack - yep, I was introducing Abby today to Meth and what we were doing with the build. She's really interested!

Mad4Mini aren't building the engine, we're taking that to a company in Bradford to be assembled and tested :)
ive not actually met her my tutor was talking about her as hes seen my car etc.

Pleaseee tell me its not Bradford grinders! if it is i have some stories about them before you consider.
Nope - not them! One of my neighbours is a pro engine builder (mainly Rally) but has offered his services :)
Win :thumbup1:
Excellent project there, hope you get all assembled and running quickly!
I'm meeting with Steve this week to discuss the rear cage and harness bar that Nige (brownpants) has been talking about.
I'm really just waiting for parts / manufacturing now. In the mean time I'm working on the electronics in the car, and I have decided to fabricate some slider mounts for the drivers side seat, get the battery sorted out and start to build a custom electronics panel for the meth / switchable maps etc :)
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