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Aptly named as my R56 currently sounds like a steam train! 🙈

I’ve been buying and selling cars long enough to know that you generally get what you pay for…

On this occasion, heart won against head by first round KO.

There were a couple issues on the test drive but I gambled and lost that these would be minor and offset by the heavily adjusted purchase price.

Fast forward a few months and she dies on me on the motorway in a glorious cloud of smoke!

After much umming and ahhhhing and conversation with a couple of members - I opt against junking her and get in contact with the wizard that is @CarsOrBikes
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Fast forward again to a gap opening up and she’s off to see the Wizard.

Any hopes of a “quick fix” were put to bed early with this image of a nicely melted piston…
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Well firstly, thanks for entrusting your car to me ;O)

It will be taken care of and hopefully come back to you better than before....
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