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After spending years and countless thousands of pounds on cars that aren’t really worth anything I’ve decided to do it all over again and royally fuck myself some more.

Here we go 2005 dealer fit JCW 210 with a few mods. It’s not moved for a while and the battery box has flooded and fucked the battery module box. Managed to get it started and it drives!

Spec as of 29/09/2022

Factory spec:
Heated seats
Sunroof and OEM black roof lining
Heated front screen
Auto climate
Parking sensors
Auto lights
Auto wipers
Heated washer jets
Powerfold mirrors
Factory tints
Cruise control
Sat nav

JCW bits:
Dealer 210 package
JCW handbrake
JCW steering wheel alcantara/leather/carbon inserts
JCW carbon scoop
JCW exhaust

Ric Wood CNC big valve head with colsibro guides/REC valves
ARP head studs/big end bolts/flywheel bolts
1320 flywheel and LUK stock clutch
BKL gearbox
ATI super damper
Bosch 550’s
GP intercooler
JCW airbox/ITG filter
Pro Alloy header tank
King bearings
Kavs 17% pulley 1355 belt
JCW exhaust

Superflex wishbone bushes/ARB bushes
Whiteline RARB
ST XTA coilovers
OZ Ultraleggera 16x7
Hankook V12 tyres
R56 aluminium rear trailing arms
Hardrace upper and lower rear control arms

AP Racing CP7600 4 pot callipers
304x24mm discs
Mintex M1144 pads
HEL braided lines
Motul RBF 600 fluid
Stock MINI rear pads and discs

Grey/black heated Recaro front and rear seats
JCW gearknob/handbrake/steering wheel
OEM sunroof and black headlining
R53 GP hand brake/gear gators

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Looks like a lovely base mate, nice mileage and spec is pretty spectacular too (y)

Be interesting to see how it fairs compared to the grey one when you start pulling it apart hey?!
Haha the guy who I’m buying it off let me take the rear lights and all the boot plastics out to check it over. Also jacked the car up and had a good old look underneath and it was pretty damn clean.

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Got a couple of hours on this tonight. Cleaned the battery box out and swapped the battery module out. Cleaned the cables up and chucked a new battery in.

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Man I love the colour, though I am biased!

RE the tailgate, I would just check the state of the 3rd brake light, also the state of the clips which hold the beltline onto the tailgate between the bootlid and glass.

Mine had a leak which appeared to be making its way out between the tailgate and inner bootlid trim making the boot seal wet but thankfully never enough to get into the boot itself.

I changed the handle gasket and the 3rd brake light (which fell apart as I removed it :ROFLMAO:) but it turned out the water was getting in through the beltline trim.

The clips are such a crap design when they break/get loose the tiny gaskets on them disappear and/or they then basically do nothing. The side of the clips that connected to the beltline itself were absolutely fine, it was just either the pinhole clips that held them to the bodywork were shot or the gasket had disappeared so there was no seal. it was also getting my FM diversity box wet so really needed to sort it sharpish.

On mine I decided rather than replace the bodywork clips (as they'd just break again down the line down to the shit design) I used some spray activated epoxy to glue them to the tailgate with the glue acting as a seal on both sides of the clip. I had to do this to all of them from the centre of the beltline (by where the wiper sits) to the right hand side...was about 6 or 7 clips in total I think. The left hand side ones are fine so I've left them for the time being. It's now been bone dry even in the worst weather for months now.

Yours is probably OK but worth checking...certainly if the belt line isn't sat very snug on the tailgate in places this is probably going to be the issue. I reckon probably quite a few people have this issue and never manage to diagnose it.....mines an 06 too so not an old one.
Thanks mate!

It was 100% the boot handle gasket not had a leak since and I could see where the water had got in etc when I took the handle off.

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Swapping my old engine into this at the weekend. It’s badly needed man this is so slow with just a PH2 cam and 17% pulley. Had a great drive round some Bedfordshire B roads this evening though.

Also on a side note I changed the xenon bulbs the other day, how the fuck does that black and red igniter fit onto the light?! Couldn’t see shit on the way back as they had detached themselves inside the headlight.

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